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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Melt Bath & Skin Care

Like a moth to a flame I am drawn to bath/skin care supply stores, not the generic Bath & Body Works - rather the one of a kind stores. The kind where someone actually makes them with their hands, not by a machine. I think I get this trait from my father (a truck driver who has a special place in his heart for soaps and lotions), he's the person who introduced me to sugar

So where am I going with this?? I found a new bath & skin care store in Cape Cod and had to explore a bit. 

Handmade soaps.

Bath salts.

 ME - sniffing away!!

You know I didn't walk out of there empty handed right?? 
I can always justify buying a new bar of soap. =D
  I bought 2 soaps - mango and lickin the beaters (vanilla)

Lickin the beaters on top and mango on the bottom. The mango belongs to the hubby, but I may just have to snag it from smells so good!!

I am a little bummed that such a cute store is 5 hours away, but it just gives me another excuse to return to Cape Cod.  ;)

If you live in the US you can have products from Melt delivered to your home -

What products are you drawn to?

Note: Thanks to the hubby for taking these pictures while we were in the store!


  1. The store reminds me of Lush. Lotsa bath and skin care goodies.

  2. I agree, except that its on a much smaller scale and the smell isn't so strong when u walk in. Lol
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  3. Of course it is. =)
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