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How to: Quick + Easy Updo

This has become one of my favorite updos for summer. I love it because it's quick, easy, & I do it on clean/not so clean hair. 

I will try my best to explain how to do this, but I think the video explains it best.
1. Put your hair in a ponytail. On the last turn of the hair tie don't put your hair all the way through and leave a loop.
2. Place a finger between your hairtie and scalp and pull the hairtie away from your scalp, there should be a space in between them now.
3. Place the ponytail loop inside space between your scalp and the hair tie.

That's it!! Easy right?? 
Don't worry if that didn't make sense, the video below explains it better.
What's been your go to hairstyle lately?


  1. Thanks!
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  2. Effortless elegance and classic style. LOVE THIS!

  3. very cute and simple 'do! lately my hair has been going up in a bun - all this muggy weather doesn't make me want to mess with it more than that!

  4. Thanks!! I agree, this weather makes me want to do nothing.


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