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Current Skincare Favorites for Oily Skin

Here are a few (newer) items I find myself reaching for a lot this summer. 

Nivea Cleansing Gel
I bought this product last month in Canada and I have been using it every day since! I love that it cleans my face without leaving it tight. This is great for oily/combo skin because it is a gel and I feel like it does a good job of removing the 'bad' oils on your skin. If you do not live in the UK or Canada, you can buy this here.

Boots No 7 Re-balancing Day Fluid
This is the first lotion I've EVER come across that helps control the oils on my face without making it look matte, it doesn't break me out, it has SPF in it, and I bought it at Target. I really couldn't ask for anything else!

Acne Free Oil Free All-Day Acne Control
This product contains benzoyl peroxide and it does a great job of clearing up pimples, I just use this on the pimple ONLY. You can use this as a lotion all over your face, but I do find that my face is too sensitive for this. If you don't have sensitive skin, this product is also great for keeping the oiliness at bay.

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser
I have only recently started to appreciate this product. It does an amazing job of clearing up acne, removing any dirt/grime you may have on your face, and rebalancing your skin. My skin feels so good after using this that I've even forgotten to put on lotion after rinsing it off! Oh and blackheads..? What blackheads? They are GONE! I know this is a cleanser, but I often use it as a mask and leave it on my face for 5 minutes before I rinse it off. Note: This product is REALLY messy, you may want to use it in the shower. Here are other great reviews on this - dark angels cleanser reviews.

What are some of your current skincare favorites?


  1. thank u for this post!! I have the oiliest skin everrrr... I just hope I can find some of these products here in the US...

  2. You can find everything but the Nivea in the US, the Nivea is sold at and it's under $10.

    Subject: [notarichgirl] Re: Not A Rich Girl: Current Skincare Favorites for Oily Skin

  3. I need to try these products! I have problems with oily skin too.


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