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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Sorme Cosmetics Review

A few weeks ago I was sent a few products from Sorme Cosmetics to review, I was not paid in any way to talk about these products. I do want to share my findings with you though, because I did receive some real gems!! The products they sent me were: Fresh Start Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer, Jet Liner Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Aztec, Smearproof Eye Liner in Black, Extreme Volumizing Mascara, Brow Lift Highlighting Pencil, and Lip Thick® Plumping Lip Gloss

Fresh Start Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer
I forgot to take a picture of this by itself, but it's the bottle on the left in the picture above. This 'makeup enhancer' is a fancy way of saying primer. I will say that I have officially found my HG primer!! This didn't fill in any lines or even out any discolorations, but it also didn't make me break out. This helps my makeup stay put all day and my oiliness is cut in half. There are some days where I don't even have to blot when I wear this!! I would definitely recommend this product for my fellow oily skin gals.

Smearproof Eye Liner in Black
 I really wasn't expecting much from this, but this turned out to be my favorite out of everything!! I can draw a nice smooth line without any skipping and the color is a very dark black. The best part..?? Once this sets this really is smudgeproof!! This even lasted 5 hours on my water line without any powder to set it! Color me impressed!

Brow Lift Highlighting Pencil
The suggested use for this is to place it under your eyebrow as a highlight, while this does a good job there - I prefer to use it as a highlight on the inner corner of my eyes and in my lower waterline to make me look awake. This product lasts several hours and it is very smooth and easy to apply.

Extreme Volumizing Mascara
 Another gem of the bunch! This product really does add volume to your lashes and I find that I can easily apply several coats without clumping. Another bonus is that I didn't notice any flaking and this comes right off with a regular makeup remover. Note: This is paraben free, so this is great for those with sensitive skin. This doesn't do much for lengthening your lashes. 

Only one coat and my lashes are fuller and separated. 

Jet Liner Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Aztec
My least favorite of the bunch! I just couldn't get the hang of this liner and I wasn't able to draw a straight liner properly. I also felt that the formula was too runny and I had to draw over the same spot several times to get an even color.

A close up of the color, it is stunning!!
Lip Thick® Plumping Lip Gloss (clear)
Normally I am not a fan of lip plumpers in any way! I hate the way they make my lips tingle and I usually have some type of bad reaction to them. I can say that I actually do like this product. It's thick and lasts several hours, but not sticky. It does make your lips tingle, but nothing severe or painful - it reminds me of when you get toothpaste on your lip. I won't say that this did anything major in the plumping department, but I was able to see a slight difference.

My lips after I applied the plumping gloss.
Lip Thick® Plumping Lip Gloss, Jet Liner Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Aztec, Brow Lift Highlighting Pencil, and Smearproof Eye Liner in Black.

And for those of you that are interested this is the complete look for the bits and pieces of pictures that I placed above.

If you are interested in any of these products you can go to to find a retailer near you.


  1. You look naturally gorgeous - great result!

  2. I've used Sorme eyeliner/lipliners for years (9-10) them, and I agree truly smudgeproof once set. The last sevral though, have had an issue with the crayon snapping every use, and having to resharpen... grrrr. In no time the entire thing is history. I suspect they changed the formula. Maybe you have a contact to ask. No luck so far finding their website so i can ask them. No harder pressure used than ever. Hope you don't have that they are not!

  3. Used their pencils for last 5 years but last few i've had keep snapping (crayon not wood). In no time flat it's history from resharpening. I love them but suspect they changed the formula. They are truly smudgeproof once set. Too pricey to keep breaking and i know i use the same pressure as always...grrrr.


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