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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

NYX Haul + Rave

A few weeks ago I decided to splurge a bit and buy a few things from the NYX website. Please watch the video below for the 'rave' part.  =D

Here are the goodies I bought. 
NYX HD Concealer in Glow & HD Foundation in Natural Beige.This concealer is officially my HG concealer!!
Note: A few weeks before I made this order I bought the concealer in Tan and it was too dark, but the texture/coverage is amazing so I made sure to buy TWO in the next shade lighter.

10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Velvet Rope
HD Studio Grinding Blush in Menage A Trois

A closer look at the grinding blush. So far I really like this blush, although it can get a little messy.

A closer look at Velvet Rope, these colors are simply beautiful.

Here I am wearing the HD Foundation, concealer, and blush from NYX. No fancy photo editing, just my skin with the NYX products. I love the finish!!

What's the last thing you 'splurged' on?


  1. you look great! <3 your brows. Wish mine were that full!

  2. Thanks!
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  3. Velvet rope looks so perfect for you Tammy!!

    Last thing I splurged on? Maybelline creme blushes.

  4. The finish is INCREDIBLE! The foundation is a real winner.

  5. Yes, I love it!!
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  6. Woww!  Your skin looks fabulous.  =)

  7. wow ur skin looks flawless! i'm definitely gonna have to try this out one of these days! :)


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