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Milani Lipstick in Blossom | #beautyinfluencer #drugstoremakeup

I Can Find a Drugstore Anywhere!!

I just got back from my cruise and I'm still trying to catch up on the things I missed while I was away. Hubby & I had a great time being tourist and eating every 5  People never tell you how exhausting a cruise can be, I swear they were speaking over that intercom every 15 ALL hours of the night. Needless to say we are feeling a little sleep deprived. I will be back tomorrow with pictures from the cruise. For today I wanted to share with you the drugstore (Lawtons) finds I picked up while in Canada (Saint Johns).

I spotted some crackle nail polishes, but I didn't pick any up.

I've never seen these in the states!! 
Nivea - Toner, Cleansing Gel, & Eye Make-up Remover

The prices were a little high for a drugstore, but I know Nivea is a good brand.

Did you see that line one of the receipt says Ketchup chips??
Here I am with my bag of Ketchup yummy!

I hope you all have been well!! I will be back tomorrow with more pictures.  =)


  1. I <3333 Ketchup Chips! Canada has some of the best snacks and drugstore finds.

  2. Lol, a woman after my own heart! My hubs loves those chips, too!
    You look tan and relaxed.

  3. Good score on the ketchup chips - a must if you are in Canada lol. I saw KleanColor at a beauty supply, guess they aren't in US drugstores (yet). I was actually surprised last time when I saw KleanColor at Lawtons

  4. Yes, that and Tim Horton'

  5. lol...those chips are amazing!!

  6. yes canada gets the awesome chips, pickles ones, smokey bacon ones.  Evian makes a skincare line too, odd I pics pics!


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