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Feeling Beachy

A few weeks ago I ordered some bath goodies from Naturalynn Soap and I just wanted to share with you the cute things I received. Everything comes in an adorable polka dot munchkin box.

Wrapped with care.

A look at what's inside the box - bath bombs and a very pretty soap.

A close up of the bath bombs - mango colada, surfer chick, jelly doughnut, coco,& leche y avena (milk and oatmeal).

A closer look at the night time bath fizzies and Feeling Beachy Soap.

I did buy a few more goodies from this seller, but I gave some of it away to a few special ladies.  ;)
So far I have tried the bath fizzies in night time and the Feeling Beachy soap, and I LOVE them!! Feeling Beachy smells like you're on a tropical island - sand, coconut, & suntan lotion.The best part of this site?!?! Everything is VERY affordable!!! The bath bombs above were only $0.95 each!!

What have you bought from Etsy lately?


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