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Lush - The Art of Bathing

My amazing brother in law just gave me this for my birthday, which is tomorrow.  =)
Lush - The Art of Bathing


Avobath Bath Bomb 6.3 oz., Butterball Bath Bomb 3.1 oz., Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar 3.5oz, Bathos Bubble Bar 3.5 oz., The Comforter Bubble Bar 7 oz., Sex Bomb Bath Bomb 6.3 oz., Karma Bubble Bar 3.5 oz., Big Blue Bath Bomb 6.3 oz., Ma Bar Bubble Bar 3.5 oz, Space Girl bath bomb 6.3oz, Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb 3.8oz.

I'm so giddy about this!! Thanks BB, you are the best!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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