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Korres MUST Know I'm a Sucker!!

Here are the two Korres lip products I own. They are EXACTLY the same product, except that one is in a jar (lip butter .21oz) and the other in a tube (lip butter glaze .34oz). The tube is $14 & the jar is $10.
I personally hate products that come in jar, forget the fact of how unsanitary it is - I hate getting my fingers dirty!!
I will gladly fork over the extra $4 for the glaze if it means not getting my fingers dirty. 

Now that I'm done letting you know what a clean freak I am, I should let you know why I like this product.
-Very light scent.
-Beautiful hint of color.

I don't have any pictures of me wearing this (yet), but I am wearing the lip butter (jar) in the video below.

What product have you purchased simply for the packaging?


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