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Who Doesn't Want to be a Fox in A Box?

A few weeks ago I picked up this blush at Walmart by Hard Candy. Can anyone guess why?? No it's not because of the cute packaging...or the cute name (skinny dipping)..or even the fact that it's made by Hard Candy..  I picked it up because of the beautiful peach color. Peach is my color of the moment, as I type this my nails are peach, my lips are peach, and so are my cheeks - and no it's not overkill!! I look awake and fresh.  =D

On to pretty peach blush..
Meet Fox in a Box by Hard Candy in Skinny Dipping

Look at that peach!! I mean really look at it, isn't it purdy?!?
This blush even comes with a brush, which I find completely useless.

The bronzer (brown--duh!), the blush (peach), & on the right are what the two colors look swirled together.

Lastly this is what the blush looks like on me. So pretty right???

This is my current favorite blush. What's your favorite blush??

Have a great weekend!!


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