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Benefit has a Skincare Line!

Note: this blog entry was typed up on my phone so I'm sorry if there are any errors.

Good Morning Ladies!! I'm sure all of you Sephora Beauty Insiders have received the email for the sample kit of the new Benefit skin care line. I made a purchase over $35 and received my kit.

 The kit includes a cleanser, moisturizer with SPF15 and an eye cream. The kit is quite small, but think its good to sample the line. I put a MAC lippie inside the kit so you can get an idea of the size. I used this kit last night and am, and s far I'm really liking it! All of the products are scented for those who are sensitive to it, I find the scent to be light and peasant...kind of reminds of the Ralph Lauren perfume in the sall blue bottle (don't remember the name).
Will you be picking up this kit?


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