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Who the hell are Jo, Tammy, & Roxy??

Well they are my new Zoya nail polishes of course!!

A few weeks ago Zoya had a promotion going on that allowed you to get 3 nail polishes for free as long as you paid for shipping - Jo, Tammy, & Roxy are the 3 colors I picked.
Jo, Tammy, & Roxy

Tammy, Jo, & Roxy.

I love that these polishes are named after women, of course I had to buy the one that shares the same name as me.  =)

Have you tried Zoya polishes..??
This is my first time trying them & so far I'm not too impressed. 

Note: I had to correct the line above, it first said I liked the polishes. I'm honestly not too impressed, the polish feels runny & the color Tammy doesn't look good on me.  


  1. Nice colors...I picked Ravan, Ibiza & Kelly. I'm still waiting on Kelly to be shipped. =/

  2. I picked two Kelly's and one matte black. I tested kelly on my pinky and one layer is all i needed! sorry about tammy not working out!!

  3. I have Zoya Diana, haha, I think everyone should get a bottle of their namesake if they can :) some of the polishes are runny and others are goopy...i wonder if there's some kind of way to thicken a polish?

  4. nice color.........


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