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Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips

Hi Ladies!! Today I am finally getting around to the review of the Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips I spoke about last week. Yay!!

The strips I tried were called Laced Up & I applied them for Valentine's Day and I left them on for 10 days.

Here's what you need to know about these strips:
-They are made of real nail polish, therefore they are removed with regular nail polish remover.
-There are 16 strips in each package of varying shapes to fit all nails.
-These are actually quite simple to apply. You find the strip that fits your nail, remove the plastic film & backing, apply to your nail & file off the excess nail polish.  

The box includes everything you need to achieve a salon quality look - 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, and a buffer/file.

Here are the results of salon effects manicure.

Day 1

Day 10

As you can see by day 10 there was significant nail growth and some chipping at the edges.

-Zero drying time.
-A wide variety of nail polish strips to choose from.
-Easy and quick to apply.

-I had a hard time finding the right fit for several of my nails.
-The $10 price tag.
-There was some lifting of the nail polish on several fingers, I'm not sure if this was due to poor application or just a problem with the strips.

Application Tip
The strips are rounded on both ends for your cuticles, if you are careful when you buff off the excess on one nail you can easily use the remainder of the nail polish strip for the opposite hand. Meaning you get double the product!!

I think this is a good thing to try every once a while when you want something special, but for $10 a pack I don't think I will be neglecting my regular nail polish anytime soon.


  1. Gosh these look fabulous Tammy and what a great choice you went for. I do like lace myself.

    As I am a habitual Konad freak I would probably give these a miss but I imagine that they will be a huge hit!!

  2. these look pretty cool - i've seen a multicolored glitter & butterfly print that would be fun to wear, but something i'll pass unless the price goes down since i have a bottles of polish and konads to use

  3. they look really nice on your nails! the lacy detailing is a dream :) they're sold for much cheaper at harmon! around $6.79, still pretty high for one time use :T

  4. Totally unrelated to your post but I wanted to respond to your question on my Gaga one...

    My favorite nude lip pencils are:
    Sublime Culture
    Cream O' Spice

    Some of the above are similar in color, but some are the pencils the others are cremesticks so it depends on what formula you prefer.

    For the Gaga lippie, I'm probably going to fill my lips with Dervish, line with Cream O'Spice, blend and then pat the Gaga on lightly.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Thank you for posting this!!! I have a coupon for $2.00..
    I need to stop being cheap and try them for myself.

  6. I recently got these and what i do becaususe i have a flatter nail bed is I use my nail clipper to cut it so it fits my nails perfectly. Some nail beds are uneven, flatter( lik ethe thumb) or more curved( like the pinky). HOpe this helps. I love these.

  7. Can you put a coupon on that is avalible in june to July.

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