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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Sleek Makeup Haul

Hi Ladies! This section is for those who don't want to actually watch the video I posted above.  =P

About 2 months ago Sleek Makeup had a 50% off sale on their website. I'm sure a few of you are thinking to yourselves "Damn Tammy & NOW you're getting to this blog entry.." Well that's because I FINALLY received the products. Ordering on the Sleek Makeup website was a complete disaster!! On the day of the sale the website kept crashing, my basket kept emptying itself, the coupon code wouldn't work. Once I finally did manage to complete my order I still had issues! My order was never confirmed so I didn't know if it did go through. When I contacted their customer service I received a VERY generic answer that I know went to several other customers..rude! A day later I noticed that the $$ was removed from my bank account (the FULL amount, not the 50% off price), but still no order confirmation! There were several emails sent by me & they went unanswered for SEVERAL days. When I finally received an email back from them they informed me that one of the items I ordered was not available and that they were going to send me something else, they didn't ASK what other item I wanted they were just going to send me what they wanted. No, no!! I explained to them that if I wasn't getting what I wanted that I wanted my $$ back. In the end it took me almost 2 months to get my order.

I will say that while the customer service at Sleek Makeup is AWFUL, their products are amazing!!
Here's what I bought.
Sleek - Blush, Face Contour Kit, Eyeshadow Palette, Kajal Liner. 

Blush in Sunrise, Contour Kit in Medium, Eyeshadow Palette in Bad Girl, Kajal Liner in Black.

I'm going to begin with my favorite item of the bunch - the Bad Girl eyeshadow palette. The colors are all very pigmented, smooth, & they blend beautifully.

Blush in Sunrise
I really, really love this blush. I mean LOVE! It is really pigmented, so you do have to be careful when you apply it. The color is simply gorgeous and it leaves behind a pretty sheen.

Contour Kit in Medium
The colors in this are great for contouring! The brown is actually matte which is great for bring out your cheekbones, without it being obvious that you used makeup for it &. The vanilla color is great for highlighting since it blends right into your skin leaving a nice glow behind.

Kajal Liner in Black
This is probably the product I like the least. The point of this liner is that it allows you to line both your upper and lower waterline at the same time. Sadly I don't find this liner to be pigmented enough to give me the wow factor I was looking for.

Overall I would NEVER order from the sleek makeup website again, but I would definitely buy sleek makeup again. The products are amazing and VERY affordable.

Have you used Sleek products?


  1. ew! That is terrible service. I wouldn't want to go through that. Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been debating if I should order from them. Its just so hard to get Sleek make up in the US. :( Their products are great and I would like to get more, but totally not worth it for that kind of service.

  2. oh gosh.. i always wanted sleek makeups too but not selling in singapore... sad~ nice review!! :)

  3. You dont need to buy Sleek. I reckon I am more reliable that them anyway Tammy xx

  4. I should have tried that tactic to get a Bad Girl palette! I hear the HIP kohl liners are supposed to be pretty good kohls, and they're part of the CVS clearance right now :)

  5. I understand how you felt. Had similar experience when shopping online. Except it was nike shoes. They accepted my.payment and suddenly informed me the shoes i wanted was not available and wanted to.send me.something else. I lost $100+ and neither receive any shoes from them -.-


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