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Ramblings - Wonder Woman, IMATS, & Sharing the Love

So I've been wondering to myself why so many makeup blogs seem to be on a bit of a hiatus and I think I've come up with an answer. You have ALL decided to cut back on buying makeup for your New Years Resolution!! Am I right?? Huh? huh?? I think I am.  =)

If you haven't noticed I have also pulled back on all of the shopping when it comes to makeup. I won't say I'm on a no buy because that's not exactly true, but I'm really only buying the things I need to replace or the great deals I can't pass up -like Wet N Wild for $1!!

So while we are on the makeup buying topic I will say that while some people are majorly disappointed in the MAC Wonder Woman packaging, I am not! To me it holds true to the classic Wonder Woman feel. Sadly while the packaging is ok by me, the makeup is kind of ehhh..nothing has really impressed me or grabbed my attention. I WILL be buying a Wonder Woman compact because I am dying to have something like that to 'powder' my nose with.

(This picture is from

You know where else I will put my wallet to good use at..?? IMATS!! I will be going this year, because it will be in NY!! I've heard that Sigma brushes will be there and I am so excited to actually see many of these brushes in person. Is anyone else going to the NY IMATS this year..??
(This pictures is from

Since so many of us are on a bit of a hiatus I thought I would share the love & let you know who's blog I am currently reading and who's videos I'm currently watching.

pdxbeautiful - I am still very new to her videos, but she has several product review videos that are up that I've really enjoyed. She gives thorough & honest reviews!

Catherine at is a true makeup JUNKIE!! She's still pretty new to the blogging/YouTube community, but she has a huge collection. She recently did a product review that makes me NEED the Sigma F82. Insider note: Catherine & I went to high school together. =)
Below is a video of her world of it!

Please subscribe/follow these lovely ladies. I'm sure we all remember what it's like when we first started here, having feedback is so helpful & motivating!!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I love the Wonder Woman packaging too. I might get a pigment or two and a blush duo.

  2. I think the Wonder Woman packaging is pretty cute! I'm gonna wait until I see it all in person though to decide if I wanna buy anything. Thank you for the suggestions I definitely subscribed and followed the two ladies you mentioned, good stuff! :)

  3. MAC has failing for me since venemous villians. I don't like anything they have put out since then. :( Have fun at IMATS!

  4. Awww You are so Awesome Thanks for the Shout Out Hopefully we will see each other at IMATS I am Saving every penny I can. I have been to Harmons and Walgreens and almost twitching at the register because I had no lipglosses or makeup in hand wahaa.

  5. Haha! I am excited BECAUSE of the packaging. I want a compact for the same reason. Who wouldn't want to pull out this bad boy to powder my nose. Yes, I am on a NO buy hiatus, but hey, we all deserve a treat once in a while. woo hoo!

  6. imat sounds amazing
    i hope i make it to one someday!

  7. I forgot about IMATS in April! Might have to plan a little trip to NYC that weekend :)

    The Wonder Woman collection is cute, but the makeup isn't really calling out to me...but I think I *have* to get something because it's Wonder Woman! besides, I have the same first name as her non-superhero alias, haha

  8. Me and my friend will come down for IMATS, can't wait. Hope we'll see you around :)


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