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Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens

I bought these blotting sheets a few weeks ago and didn't think much of it. The pack was only $5 for 100 and I figured I was getting a good deal. Wrong!

These sheets are meant to absorb excess oil and shine, while smelling like peppermint. The only thing these sheets do well is smell like peppermint. These sheets are way too thin to get the job done properly. It's winter time here and my skin is not very oily, yet every time I use one of these sheets I feel like I'm soaking right through. ewww..

I wish I had something more profound to say about them, but they really aren't a good deal. I have to use several sheets to accomplish the job of what 1 sheet normally does for me.

What are your favorite oil blotting sheets??


  1. Oh dear!

    I too use peppermint blotters, however, I use blotting film which is fantastic because it does not mess with your make up.

  2. I really love my ELF Blotting Papers. For a buck you can't beat it!

  3. kracie blotting sheets (from the asian markets like Mitsuwa :)). They are amazing!

  4. I'm still a fan of the clean & clear sheets, but I like the pink grapefruit version


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