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Product Review: MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation

MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation

What it is:
A long-lasting, oil-free mattifying powder foundation for normal to combination skin types.
What it is formulated to do:
Provides a shine-free finish that covers blemishes and other imperfections and perfectly evens out the skin tone. - From the Sephora website.

Before I begin telling you how I feel about this product, let me show you how it works for me.

Before - Makeup Free Face

After - With MUFE Duo Mat Foundation Applied. I use color 209.

This product is clearly great at evening out the skin tone, but it just doesn't do the job if you have acne/acne scars to cover.

-Lightweight, it doesn't feel like I have anything on.
-Does not make me break out.
-MUFE has a ton of colors available so you will find your color.
-Controls oil.
-Evens out skin tone.
-I can have my whole face 'done' in under a minute when I use this.
-Easy to blend.

-Expensive! $32 for a small compact that doesn't last very long.
-Does not cover acne/acne scars.

-This is NOT good for dry skin or if you have dry patches, it will cake up on those spots.
-I find this kind of tricky to apply. A brush doesn't give me much coverage, but the sponge this comes with does a pretty good job.

I do like this product, but it's not my ideal foundation right now since I have acne scars that need covering. I am currently using this as a setting powder after I apply my Maybelline Smooth Liquid Foundation and the results are flawless. I only wear this product on it's own when I'm not looking for much coverage or when I'm in a hurry and I need to put something on. I would recommend this to someone with normal/combination/oily skin who needs a foundation that evens out their skin tone.

If you would like to see me apply this foundation watch the video below.
Yes, I cut my hair again. Yes, I hate it.  =)

You can buy this here.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?


  1. I like your hair!!

    I really wanted to try this Tammy but it wont work for me and my dry patches will it?

  2. @Old Cow - I have all types of hatred for my hair right now, I feel like I should be a news caster or something. Bleh.

    I don't think this would be good for your dry patches at all, may be you should try this in the summer.

  3. i just picked it up this weekend, can't wait to try it yay! i can see how it helped to smooth out your skin! thanks for the video too, it was helpful :)

  4. I have it and I do love it. Too bad it's so expensive. I got lucky at bought it during the Sephora F&F sale. It does a good job of covering your skin. Great review. :)

  5. I've been using this foundation for a while and I notice that it's one of my heavier ones. I have to say that I generally only use BB creams though.

    I really do like this foundation; looks great in pictures and works wonders for my especially oily friends.

    Don't hate your hair! I think it looks nice too.

  6. i love this stuff! i need to do a review on it too but im waiting to try it in the humidity first lol i dont have terrible acne scars so it covered mine pretty well but it makes your skin look amazing! love it

  7. wow, it looks so pretty
    by the way, your hair looks good! I don't know why you hate it?

  8. @aki @Beauty Addict Thanks! I want to like my hair, but I really don' It's not what I wanted.'s hair, it will grow back. =)

  9. Thanks Tammy! I will defo try to get my hands on this in Summer.

  10. I ♥ the Duo Mat foundation! I love how easy it is to use & how it generally provides even skin tone...I'm with you though, it's not enough to cover up scars/circles, but I think I'll like it more when it warms up again. it was my go-to for the few weeks we had Fall weather, but now I use it to set my bb cream/foundation...this wind is making my skin dry out :(


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