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Elf Stipple Brush Review

I bought this brush a few weeks ago in hopes of adding a new stipple brush to my collection, but I'm sad to say this brush just doesn't cut it.

-Doesn't shed.

-Too soft!! Since the bristles are so soft it really doesn't pick up or blend color.
-The bristles are very loose and they bend very easily.

Overall I would not recommend this brush, it is way too soft to actually do what it's supposed to do.

*Sorry for being so short with words, but the video does go into a little more detail. ;) 

On Monday I will begin my special X-mas blog/YouTube giveaway. 


  1. aaahh..I ordered it too..hoping it to work with the new elf cream blush.. =\
    but oh well, even if it doesn't work, I only paid half the normal price so everything is good..

  2. pants! It really upsets me when brushes dont quite cut it. Thank you for the review.

  3. I might have to get that for one of my R&R blushes bc I have to be SO careful with my regular stippling brush. lol who knew such an expensive blush would require a dud stippling brush? thanks for the review!

  4. good thing i read this review. I was thinking of ordering it! thanks girl!

  5. I wish i saw this before i bought it!I do agree with the words above.I guess i will research before i buy next time.


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