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Laminated Penguin Army

Happy Day!! I'm back from my Salem/Boston trip & decided to share a little piece of that with you...
This is going to be a PICTURE HEAVY post so I will let the pictures do the talking.  ;)

Without further ado I would like to introduce you to the Wasted Waddlers..
Yes, we were ALL penguins!! We were all penguins with flair - I wore a red wig, hubby wore a ghostbusters shirt, one was a chef, another a cop, another flava flav, and we also had a Captain America penguin!

A closer look at the lovely wig I was wearing, it was super itchy so I only wore it half the time.

There was some kissing..

Some accusations..

Some 'spooky' adventures..

We may have gone to a bar or two..

We made some new friends..a few living & a few of the dead ones..
(Constance - our tour guide for a ghost adventure)
(killer teletubbies)
(Mario cart - they made their carts with PVC pipes!)

We were stalked..

We went for a swim...

 We posed for pictures.
We felt like celebrities! Apparently, people really LOVE penguins! We joked that if we would have had a tip jar out we may have been able to pay for our trip with that! We took over 100 pictures with random strangers & one lady even had me hold her baby!

Ahem...there may have also been a battle here & there..

 In the end we ended our trip with a Sam Adams tour and some good food.

It was a great Halloween weekend with my family.

How was your Halloween..?? What did you do..?? What did you dress up as.?

P.S. - Thank you Yasumi for the name of this blog entry.  =)


  1. I truly really honestly wish I could have tagged along!

  2. *double take*

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA laminated penguin army is barmy!

    awwwww I feel so privileged! *squishes my penguin - the pretty one called Tammy*

  3. Those penguin costumes are hilarious!! Looks like a lot of fun. :)

  4. your costumes are great :) I love flava flav's clock/pendant, looks like you guys had a really fun halloween weekend!

    odd sidenote - last week's episode of The Office had everyone dressed up in costumes, and I'm pretty sure Angela was wearing the same penguin costume you're all wearing :) and Pam & Jim wore the Olive Oyl & Popeye costumes that you & your hubs wore last year, haha


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