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Bit & Pieces + Sedona Lace Swatches

This blog entry will not have a continuous theme, it will just be random pictures/swatches/items I wanted to share with you. I hope that's ok! I mean it is Friday & all my mind can think of is relaxing & having a fun weekend.

Let the randomness being..
Sedona Lace Swatches
Since a few of you requested a better look at some of the colors in the Sedona Lace palettes I decided to oblige.  =)

I didn't swatch the colors row by row, but I swatched several of the colors that I thought stood out the most.

Here are some of my favorite colors from the 88 metal palette.

And my favorites from the blush palette.

I definitely think these palettes are a great deal - so many pigmented colors for such a small price!
My favorite scarf

I bought this at Forever21 a few weeks ago & I find myself wearing it all the time.
This was Dom this morning. What a tease!! He gets to sleep & relax ALL day while I go to work. He makes me cranky in the mornings when I realize he gets to stay inside nice & warm while I have to go out and brave the cold..

POS Makeup Remover
Do not buy this makeup remover!! I bought this to remove the Maybelline Falsies mascara, I figured it may have some magical removal powers since it's made by the same company - big fat goose egg!! It removed nothing!

WOW I just realized that the last two ramblings made me sound like I'm in a bad mood, I'm not! Promise.

That's the end of my rambling! I hope you all have a great weekend!  =)

The end.


  1. What a lovely scarf..and the shine coming off your hair is amazeballs!

  2. love the colorful scarf! I'd wear some of the ones I just bought but it's been way too warm lately!

    haha I feel the same way towards Minos every morning...he's started taking over my side of the bed after I get up and burrows under the covers even more. I want to come back as a pampered cat in my next life :)


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