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March Ipsy Glam Bag | #beautyinfluencer #giftedbyipsy

Who's Mulberry..??

I will admit it - I'm a collector. If it's not makeup then it's something else. Lately my makeup has taken a back seat to me collecting purses and some random type of clothing item. The past few weeks I've been obsessed with buying warm clothing for the Fall/Winter months & pretty purses. Side note: I bought several warm clothing items this weekend & all week it's been 70 degrees..figures! LOL

I thought I would share with you ladies my latest purchase - ANOTHER purse. hehe!! When I learned that Mulberry was making a limited edition handbag collection for Target I wasn't too excited, I had honestly never heard of Mulberry..opps!! My tune changed once I saw the bags in the collection though..*whistle* pretty ladies!!

I actually bought 2 purses from this collection, but I'm pretty sure I will be returning the smaller bag.
Here's the new bag love of my life..for now..

 Isn't she pretty..?? I think this bag is the perfect fit for a student who wants to look put together or just for someone who likes big bags. I currently have my camera, planner, checkbook, phone, makeup bag, umbrella, snacks, a magazine, and an umbrella in there's still room for more.

The plastic protecting the metal name label are still on in this photo..opps!!
 A close up without the plastic...

As my collection keeps growing I've realized that I need to find a way to organize all of my purses. I really don't have room on the shelves in my closet for my purses & I don't like to hang my purses since they begin to lose their shape when you do that. I headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond so see if they had anything that could solve this problem & they did!! Look at this!

It's called the Real Simple Purse Organizer. It has 8 side shelves that fit handbags and clutches of all shapes and sizes, and crisscrossing elastic bands that gently hold the purses in place. For only $20 I have to give this a try! You can buy yours here.

What else do you collect besides makeup?


  1. wow i love mulberry!
    didnt know they did a target range

    right..gotta look into it!!!

    p.s looove ur bag

  2. Tres chic Madame!

    hmph, I know you are not asking me what I collect.....the list is blimmin endless! So I very neatly put it all under one banner...JUNK!

  3. ohh I've never seen an organizer like that!

  4. So jealous!!! I can't get the Mulberry for Target line where I is fabulous!


  5. I hate you so bad right now... I'm about to go to Target and copy cat you..... I'M ON A STRICT BUDGET!!!! Wahhh
    I've been wanting a new big a$$ bag and that's it!! I need it!!!

  6. I had NO LUCK. All the cute ones were taken by the time I had a chance to go check them out. Lucky you. :)

  7. i'm w/u i had no idea who was Mulbery... lol... cute bag!

    ---besides makeup, i collect unnecessary things!! i should just say, i collect bills. lol

  8. Your bag is soo cute! I love Mulberry, I'm saving up for an Alexa bag right now!

  9. pretty pretty bag. I was late for the mulberry for target train. Oh regret, how you sting!
    I did see one left at my Target but it didn't have a zipper closure-one of the main things I'm really adamant about in a purse since I'm the clumsy sort.


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