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Sedona Lace Makes for A Pretty Face

The title above isn't the slogan for Sedona Lace, but I think it should be..hehe!

So recently I ordered a few goodies from Sedona Lace & I thought I would share my experience with them. For those of you that are not familiar with Sedona Lace, they sell makeup palettes & brushes. In my opinion what makes them stand out from other retailers that sell similiar products is their customer service. The have a promotions manager (Suzanna) that answers questions on twitter and she also hosts weekly BlogTV sessions and shows you the palettes.

I placed 2 separate orders with Sedona Lace. The first order shipped the day after I ordered it & was in my hands 2 days later. The second order was delayed because the last blush palette they had in stock was cracked & they had to wait for a replacement, but I was emailed IMMEDIATELY & informed of the problem. Even with the delay of the second order I received my order within a week of placing the order.

Here's how the palettes come packaged.
The box is full of packaging peanuts.

The palettes are bubble wrapped together.

And separately.

The eyeshadow palettes also have bubble wrap INSIDE the packaging.
They go to GREAT extremes to make sure your package does NOT come damaged.

So what did I buy?

88 metal palette
A close up. I'm not sure why, but there was a bit of an oily substance on the palette when I received it, I had no problems wiping it off though.

I adore these colors, they are all so bright & pigmented. They also blend really well. I think these colors are perfect for fall.

Blush Palette
Ok, you KNOW I love blush right..?? This is definitely my favorite palette. These colors are all very pretty & they last all day. Another plus - They don't make me break out!

Concealer PaletteThis may be my least favorite purchase. I still like the palette, but I think the concealers are a bit drying on the skin. I need to buy a liquid to make them more of a creamy texture.

Overall: I WILL be buying from Sedona Lace again . I currently have my eye on their brush set.

Have you ordered from Sedona Lace..?? If you plan on buying from them be sure to go to YouTube and type in Sedona Lace, there are plenty of gurus who have $4 off coupon codes available.
You can make your purchases from Sedona Lace here -

PS. If you want swatches, just let me know!  ;)


  1. I haven't even heard of them. You got the metal palette!! Yay!

  2. interesting..these palettes look exactly like the 88 Matte that I bought from Crown (

    after I almost bought the SAME 88 Matte Palette from Coastal Scents...(

    Just seems a bit sketch that so many companies are re-selling the exact same items over again.

    Although I have to say, for the $18 I paid for mine, I'm loving it :)

  3. @Allison - Companies like this buy their product from the manufaturer. Crown, CS, & SL do not make these products. In my eyes I rather buy this product from a company that has great customer service & actually tries to have contact with their customers. Needless to say I know I would love my 88 metal palette & blush palette just the same if it came from somewhere else, but I rather not give my money to those other places.

  4. The blush palette - has lotsa colors! They look really pretty! :)

  5. I am REALLY looking forward to some swatches missus!

  6. that e/s palette looks like it would be so much more useful than the CS 88 palette I got a while back (with all the vibrant colors)...the blush palette looks good too - I think you're set for blush options for a while with that one :)

  7. i can't believe they ship that fast! i wanna buy their pink brush set but idk i'm thinking about it lol


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