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My Cat Thinks He's a Human

Hi Dolls!!
I actually have tons to blog about, but I just don't seem to have the time today. =(

I thought I would share a random picture the hubby took of Dom the other day.
I swear Dom thinks he's a human. He sits like a person, he watches TV with us, sleeps on his back while covering his face, & SNORES!! I kid you not..homeboy SNORES!!! I read somewhere that cats can learn to snore from their owners & oh boy can he snore - he learned it from the hubby.  =P

Yes, our little boy has little bald spots on his belly & we love him anyway!



  1. I <3 him! I love my doggy, but I miss my cat so much..they are just so all knowing lol. But a cat that snores? That's original!

  2. Haha what a cutie! One of my ferrets, I swear is a human!

  3. lol he looks so cute sitting up! my two dogs will sleep on mine & my BFs pillows like us... its so funny how they can act so human! even though they say nothing!

  4. i was thinking in your other post how cute you and your hubby were.. when are you guys having kids... well well well... Dom would get quite jealous if he thought you were trying to replace him. that's the funniest thing i've heard about a cat!

  5. Dom is such a cutie! that's hilarious that he sits upright like that and snores =P


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