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I Walk the Line

Good Morning Ladies!!
I'm still scratching my head at the thought that today is Thursday, I'm having one of those weeks that I have no idea what day it is..that ever happen to you..?? lol

So I know for most ladies their eye makeup is not complete without liner. Personally I only wear liner on the weekends, I just don't have the energy during the week. Now just because I don't wear liner every day doesn't mean that has stopped me in the quest to find the perfect liner. I really do think I've succeeded too..

Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker
Yes Physicians Formula sent this to me, but they did not pay me or even ask me to talk about it!

I really love this liner, I wear it for more dramatic looks. It makes applying liner super easy since the entire product is shaped like a pen it feels like you're writing on your eye, I'm sure that sounds strange but for me that means I have more control when I'm lining my eye.
The tip of this liner is firm, but not hard enough to make you feel like you're poking yourself. This really does feel like a thin sharpie.

This is what one quick pass on my hand looks like.
 I've never had any problems with this smearing or disappearing throughout the day.

Overall this is my favorite liquid liner & I will be buying this again.


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner (Brown Eyez)
Physicians Formula did send me a back up of this product, but the one I'm reviewing here I bought with my own money.
I love how this set comes with three colors (black, brown, & purple) and they are all very use able. Each liner is stacked on top of one another and they all twist off, it reminds me of Legos.

The colors in this set are not as vibrant as the liquid liner, but I love how easy they are to able & how long they last. I've never had any problems with this liner smudging or disappearing on me before the end of the day.

The only problem I have with this set is with the packaging, these can be hard to twist back together if you are in a rush.

Overall I WOULD buy this again, I think the quality & quantity you get for such a small price is definitely worth it.

What's your favorite liquid liner?


  1. I just bought my first cream liner. I wonder of gel is similar? Right! Only one thing for it! I must try one too!!

  2. ooo I have the stackables one too!! :D I love it! The brush is kinda ehh but its good :) almost love it as much as my MAC boot black and superslick

  3. I'll probably be getting the PF liner too. I definitely like the way that looks. Great recommendation. Thanks!

  4. i still haven't found a fave liquid liner! but those look awesome and i'll try em soon : ) i love how bright those colors are

  5. The gel eye liners are on my to-buy list! =)) They seem like good products!

  6. I haven't found a favorite liquid liner yet. I do like felt tips though.

  7. Because you're mine..I walk the line!

    I loooove the stackable ones..a certain fabulous someone sent them to me ;)

  8. i must try these stackable eyeliners!

  9. The gel liners look so vibrant. I really like the purple one. I had the eyeliner once but it dried out on me... :(


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