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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Edward Cullen Comes to All of Our Parties.

Happy Monday Dolls!!

Last weekend my sister had a party for my niece, who is officially a TEENAGER now. Agh..I can't believe it! I still remember the days when I helped her tie her shoes and make her bed -uhm that last one was!!

I thought I would share a few pictures with you guys of that day.
I did play makeup artist to all of the girls that were there, but I won't be sharing any pictures of them since they're minors and I didn't get their parent's permission. I did love doing their makeup though, their skin is still so pretty at their age and they love to play with colors.

So her party theme was Twilight. Awesome!! If you don't know I am a bit of a Twihard..Team Jacob!!

Look who made a guest

In case you think these pictures look a little hotely, then you're right. They rented out a room for the girls so they can swim & make a mess there, with adult supervision the whole time of course.

The birthday girl!! She was dancing along as we all sang her Happy Birthday.

Look at those curls!! She really does have the most awesome hair.

While some the girls were in the other room my nephew and I decided to sneak in a quick pic together. I call him my mini me & he calls me his match. Aww..

Of course I did some makeup on some of the ladies that were there too.
Want to take a guess as to what palette I used on them..??? Urban Decay Naked of course!!
I didn't take a ton of pictures of them after I did their makeup so here are the best pictures of the bunch.

Here's Kathy - I love doing her makeup, she stays still and enjoys every minute of it. She was the first one to get her makeup done & this picture was taken several hours later, but most of it held up pretty well except her lip gloss which is GONE in this picture.

My sister Ronnie - who does NOT sit still at all!!! haha.. Finding what colors work on her are always pretty easy since I usually just use what works on This is my favorite combo of the moment - baked and hustle.

End of the night - all of us non-minors had to take a picture with Edward.

While we're still on the topic of my niece -
Shameless Plug - Don't forget to shop at my niece's Avon Store for all of your Avon needs. =)
On a side note: Has anyone else noticed a MAJOR shift in the beauty community..?? Definitely not for the better either.  =(
Most of it seems to be a huge competition and about making money. I find it pretty sad. Blogging & making YouTube videos used to be really fun for me to make and I find that it's not that much fun anymore. I may shift the focus of my blog for a little while.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. looks like a brillant time!
    i would like Edward at my party too!

  2. I love this post! I want to come to this party!!!!

    I havent noticed anything in the beauty blogging community....but Tammy, you know me...GOT MY HEAD STUCK IN THE CLOUDS!!!

    I hope this "shift" doesnt afftect your wonderful gem of a blog!

  3. You're a great aunt! Looks like a great party! Beautiful hair she has!

    I agree though! It's sad to see it go to this when it used to be some pure. I see girls I used to know whoring their moral out for a lipstick or an eyeshadow. So sad.

  4. You have the cutest friggin family! I want it lol. I also want the Naked Palette..I late am I?

    I agree with the shift. I don't notice it as much in blogs, but definitely on YT. I've been into fashion YT and bloggers big time lately. We should trade links since I think you've been a fashionista lately too lol.

  5. OMG!! I just noticed this post. I love these pics!! Memories of such a great time. You were such a great help and because of you the girls had such a great time :). To think that we are about to start planning her sweet...where does the time go :(


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