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Lady Liberty was Our Candlelight

Hi Ladies!! This entry is going to be completely self indulgent & not related to makeup at ALL.

So now that you've been warned..

Last Friday was the hubby's birthday and I wanted to do something different from the usual dinners we go to - not that there's anything wrong with that, but I wanted to change things up!

So for the hubby's birthday we went on a boat and dinner cruise on the World Yacht. I was actually able to surprise him with this too!! We pulled into the pier and he still had no clue what was going on..awesome!!  It was such a great time!! The environment is romantic, the views are incredible, & the food/service is amazing!! The music was definitely cheesy, but hey it was still a great time. In between courses the hubby and I would go up to the deck and take pictures and goof around so I have lots to show you!! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but I feel like this day deserved them.  ;)

I don't really have any close up pictures of my hair & makeup because I insisted on leaving early since we were driving in from NJ to NY during RUSH hour. On a normal basis the trip should take 30 minutes, but with rush hour you never know. Well guess what? It took us 25 minutes!! WHAT?? FRIDAY during RUSH HOUR?? Luck was on our side this day & we had plenty of time to get on the yacht and get our drink on before the yacht sailed around..hehe!

I have pictures of the ACTUAL yacht, but I have to scan those & I'm lazy so maybe in another entry. This pictures are pretty much in the correct order of how the night happened. AND since I wrote so damn much above I will just show you the pictures with few

The dining area of the yacht, this was the upper level. 

The birthday boy..


Opps! Our first bottle was done before the entree even came

This may be my favorite 'view' picture. Simply amazing...the 9/11 lights are in the background by the way..

I have no idea what I was doing with my hand here, but I love everything else in the

My dress is from Tarjay..

Hubby's outfit is from Express.. Banana Republic (hubby texted me to correct me about this! lol)

Time for another bottle!!

Hubby's rack of lamb..he ALWAYS gets lamb on his birthday.

My filet Mignon..delicious

I think he enjoyed his lamb..what do you think?

Yeah I think he did..
When I booked this I completely forgot that we would be able to see these lights from the water. Amazing picture right..?? was super windy on the deck, but it was a nice warm breeze. Look there's Lady Liberty behind us as the hubby gives me kissies!!

We finished the boast/dinner cruise with a little dessert & MORE

Overall this was a very touristy, but fun thing to do. I would highly suggest this to anyone that likes good food (the dessert was the only disappointing part) & picture taking.


  1. your hair is so cute! it really suits you!

  2. I love the pictures! It was quite touching seeing the twin tower lights. And the way they go up to the sky, ugh.. it touches my heart. But in other news, you look gorgeous as always. :)

  3. aw that looked like so much fun. and some of those pictures were stunning - what an amazing view!

  4. What a gorgeous couple and a gorgeous night! I see those lights from my dad's house and it makes me sad, but stunned at it's beauty at the same time!

  5. Oh Tammy!!! I love this post!

    I was hoping that I would get you see pics of this event. I know you were not feeling your best but my dear you look stunning!

    This is my fave pic :

    I must admit, you both loook like people Hiro and I would love to dine with! xx

  6. I love your new hair! This looks like so much fun! I was taken away by some of those pictures. Very touching! The food looked great as well!

  7. these pictures look AMAZING & it looked like you all had tons of fun :) i wish i could do this with my bf BUT, my parents are wayyyy strict and we tend to go out only if my brother(s) come with. haha.

    i LOOOOOOOVED your dress! you totally rocked it!!

  8. You look ravishing my dear! And the hubby's on point too w/his BR! LOL! ;) Happy belated bday to him! Your so sweet to surprise him w/ a romantic night like that! Great food, great atmosphere, and great company of course!

  9. what a wonderful night it must have been :) you look gorgeous & your hubs looks so dapper!


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