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Morning Vibes - Plumping Eye Cream #beautyinfluencer #eyecream

FOTD Pretty Makeup/Messy Hair - Yes, I am one of THOSE girls!

Happy Monday!!

On Friday the hubby & I decided to grab a quick bite to eat - nothing fancy, but I still wanted to apply something cute & quick on my eyes.  Yes, I am one of those girls who will go out with crazy hair and great 

I used the NAKED palette again, since we are still in the lust phase..

I mixed toasted and hustle and this is the it!!

I love this look so much I am sure that it will be my new go to.
In case you're interested..
Face - Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, MAC Stereo Rose MSF
Lips - Wet n Wild Just Peachy Lipstick & MAC Richer Lusher Cream Sheen

And just in case you didn't already know I'm obsessed with owls...
Here's a pair of owl earrings that I bought while I was in Philly..

And my favorite owl necklace..

        What's your quick go to look???


  1. messy hair? where is this so called messy hair?? I see nothing but a pretty well groomed lady!

  2. I am one of THOSE Girls also. Can't go to the store without the least.

  3. yay naked! your quick go to look looks lovely!!

  4. u look very pretty...ive been looking for this palette and its sold out everywhere..ive given up hope

  5. I love this look. And you're hair is definitely not messy...compared to my messy hair look that is. Looks great on you!


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