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Drugstore Find - $12.99 Makeup Brush Kit!!

I am seriously excited to tell you about this brush set. Every single brush in this kit is amazing!! The handles are sturdy, the bristles are soft yet firm, & most of all the kit is $12.99!!

What kit am I talking about...?? Well it's the..

Studio 35 Beauty 6 Piece Complexion Brush Set

According to the Walgreens website this is sold for $12.99.

Large foundation brush: Use to brush foundation evenly on face.
This is 100 times better than my MAC 190..yup..I said it!! The bristles are firm, but because of the tapering you can reach the sides of your nose and under your eyes without hurting yourself. Another plus is that the hairs on this brush don't clump together like my 190 does when it has product on it.

Oversized concealer brush: Use to apply and blend concealer under eyes, around nose and on any discolored areas.
I love how dense this brush is! You can use one side to apply your concealer and the other side to pat it in. This is the best concealer brush I have ever used.

Mini concealer brush: Use to expertly apply concealer to minor imperfections.
I'm not the greatest at concealing pimples, but this definitely makes it easier. I like this brush, but I could live without it.

Mini powder brush: Use to set concealer with powder.
This brush is perfect for what it's advertised as & I also use it to apply a highlight to my cheeks.
The size makes it the perfect fit for under your eyes.

Contoured cheek brush: Use to apply blush to apples of cheeks and to apply bronzer across cheeks, nose and forehead.
I LOVE this brush!! The hairs are at an angle so you can apply bronzer perfectly & it's very dense. The hairs are soft yet firm - meaning you don't have to dab your brush into your blush a ton of times to get some color, but it also doesn't apply a ton of blush to your face giving you that lovely clown look.

Cosmetic case: Use to conveniently store all your brushes in one place.
This is a cute little case to carry your brushes around in. I don't normally take my brushes with my, but this is good for travel.

You can buy your own kit at Walgreens or on the Walgreens website - here.

Seriously..what are you waiting for..?? Go buy this kit!!!


  1. hahaha awesome that you got all that for like $6!! drugstore mu brushes have really stepped up their game by now having ecotools, essence of beauty, new revlon, and target's studio tools. the only mac brushes i own were from a travel set. other than that, I don't think I ever need to pay so much for brushes anymore.

  2. New follower here! :)

    I love that you're a bargain hunter, like me. Most of my make-up is drugstore; I only get high end make-up if I get a gift card.

    Have you tried EcoTools? Their brushes are SO soft! I love Sigma's brushes, too.

  3. Awesome review! And I love your hair, so cute! These brushes sound amazing! I would love to have this in my makeup kit just for when I have dirty brushes and I don't feel like cleaning mines. Thanks for the review!

  4. *sigh* Studio, Essence of Beauty and Sonia Kashuk NEEDS to come to Canada!!

  5. oh sounds like a really good find.. and they looked good =)
    Great blog hon =)


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