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NOTD: To Find a Hidden Treasure is Peachy Keen

Good Morning Ladies!! Sorry for the cheesy title, I just had
It's Monday morning & I'm feeling sluggish, but I wanted to post a quick entry.  =)


Products Used: Instant Artificials (Nail Hardener), Sally Hansen in Hidden Treasure, China Glaze Peachy Keen, Seche Vite.

Here's what my nails look like with just the hardener and peachy keen.

Now the magic..Sally Hansen in Hidden Treasure
I read about this nail polish on Twitter and how it transforms your polish, it gives your nails a hologram effect. I definitely think this would be more noticeable on a darker polish, but I wanted to give my Peachy Keen some love. FYI-I've heard this polish is hard to come across right now, not sure if that's true though..

2 coats of Hidden Treasure over Peach Keen
I really do love this Hidden Treasure nail polish, I love how it transforms your color. It's pretty much doubled my nail polish collection.  =)

All Lacquered Up did a great post using a darker base and the result is amazing, she even includes a tip on where to find this product - read it here.

What's on your nails???


  1. Omg I've been dyyying to get Hidden Treasure and I can't find it! What drugstore did you get it at? I hope they still have it out. I'm also following All Lacquered Up and that's why I am destined to find it! It is LOVE at first sight for me.

  2. T_T I can't find this polish anywhere!!!!!!!

  3. Oohh that looks cool! I need to start painting my nails again! LOL! Isn't it great when you can find that one product to transform your other products! Love that!

  4. I'm wearing Essie's Clambake... a gorgeous pop of red-orange color.

  5. you are SO lucky! this is another thing on my "wishlist" haha....the nailpolish looks amazing!


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