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It's Not a Good Weekend without Fireworks

Ever since I was a little kid I've been enchanted with doesn't matter if it's the ones that make a big boom or the ones that just pop and fizzle. I LOVE them!! So needless to say since I love fireworks & BBQ - the 4th of July is one my favorite holidays!!

The hubby & I had zero plans ahead of time, but somehow we made it to 3 BBQs and had a great spot to see fireworks!! Don't you love it when a plan comes together.  ;)

We didn't really take a lot of pictures this weekend, but I'll share with you the few pictures we did take.

Coconut shrimp salad...the salad was LACKING!!! The shrimp was DIVINE!!

Hubby's idea what it was called, but there was chicken, cheese, & LOTS of jalapenos. Look he rearranged the food so it looked all

The fireworks we saw..
We sat on a beautiful football field on a blanket and watched them laying down..aww..


What's a long weekend without a little hauling..?? Hubby & I went to Target last night and just as we were getting ready to leave their power went out!!! It was so bizarre..I'm sure it has something to do with the 100 degree weather we've been having here. I wanted to scream - "Everything you can carry out is free!!" & then run to the big screen TVs..haha!!

Here's what I bought.
ELF Beauty Book in Natural

Boots Expert Shine Control Lotion

Physician's Formula Tinted Moisturizer & Bronzer - This was on clearance for $7!!

The bronzer looks like it has some serious shimmer in the compact, but on your skin it's REALLY subtle.

A few more ELF goodies...another natural compact, a blush/bronzer duo, & a zit zapper.
In all honesty I'm loving this zit zapper! It's portable, it has a rollerball thingie, & it has salicylic acid, tea tree, & witch hazel...all for $1!!

And just in case you miss my face I made a haul video.  =P

Tell me about your weekend.  =)


  1. your target has a lot of cool ELF products that i have never seen before!!

  2. $1 for a zit treatment?? that's awesome!! :) I like that beauty book! So nice! the colors are gorgeous too! =)

    I'm sad I missed out on the fireworks! Yumm foods!

  3. here's what went round my weekend... =)

  4. sounds like it was a fun weekend :) aww to your hubby arranging the food so you could get a proper blog photo :) I need to work on more food posts!

    I think my Target sucks...cause I never see the ELF stuff around the cosmetics aisle =T the Neutral book looks nice! the mini ELF eye compact looks nice too!

    I didn't really make plans to see fireworks, but MG and I saw some going off while we were driving...spent most of my weekend being a hermit and avoiding the heat, but it was nice to just hang out and relax! oh, RYC - I just made my new banner in Photoshop, used some brushes I found online and stuff...were you looking to get one for your new layout (which I love, btw - so summery!)

  5. My 4th was a reg weekend, with some sadness thrown in.. But I'm glad you and the hubby had a great one!! MMmm All that food looks soo good! And the fireworks just brilliant! I love fireworks too!

    Look at you doing some good ol' drugstore hauling! :) So ELF zit zapper works huh?! Hrmm....

    And I'd always miss your face! ;)

  6. i love that target is carryin ELF now!! the beauty book looks so cool

  7. OMG i love your elf neutral palette.
    i've never seen that before !
    you make me want to run to target NOW !! ahhh LOL

    great post.
    i'm following :)


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