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Sometimes you just NEED to Eat

This entry is completely food related, do not continue reading if you are extremely hungry!!

While everyone else was at the beach this weekend, the hubby & I decided to stay home & relax. We slept like cats (12+ hours every NIGHT! heaven!!) & only really left the house to eat - we decided to leave the cooking to others..woo hoo!! We really didn't go anywhere fancy, but that doesn't mean the food wasn't good!!

One of our favorite places to go to when it's warm out is Cheeseburger in Paradise...they have GREAT fruity drinks, a large outdoor seating area, island music constantly playing, and great finger foods...

Here's what we drank last time we went..

I don't remember what these drinks were called....something like Lady of the Sea & Euphoria...I think. They were delicious!!

And the food...


Sweet potato chips...these are fantastic!!

Sliders...yummy, yummy!! These are surprisingly juicy & satisfying for such little burgers.

This Sunday we decided to go to one of our favorite Spanish restaurants - Cuban Petes. It's another restaurant with a large outdoor eatting area, we really like to eat outdoors when the weather allows - it's not like we can do that all year long here. The restaurant is set up to look like Havana, the music is always set to upbeat salsa, and waiters are all dressed in guayaberas & hats.

They serve AUTHENTIC Cuban food & very tasty sangrias.

My meal - Flat ironed chicken breast with white rice, black beans, & plantains. The green sauce is a garlic & citrus blend...yum, yum, yummy!!

Hubby's meal - Fish with coconut rice & yuca.

Where are your favorite summer places to eat??

What did you do this weekend????


  1. I should have taken the warning seriously... it made really hungry!!! hahaha!!! ^__^

    looks yummy!!!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm drinks look yummy yummy. I had an Earl Mar-tea-ni once and that was rather special.

    *tummy rumbles*

  3. yummm it was a foodie weekend! last summer I loved going to this falafel place in downtown philly on sundays...might need to start doing that again :)

  4. SOMETIMES?! Heck no.. ALL THE TIME! LOL! Dang that food looks good! Mmm.. I love sweet potato anything! LOL! And the strawberries have shades!!! Too cute!


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