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Put Your Makeup on Ice

I read about this in the latest issue of People Style magazine & I thought I would share this with you since most of us are currently dealing with the insanely hot temperatures of summer..

Take our insulated cosmetic bag with you wherever you go! IcyBag prevents your make-up from melting. Our bag is also perfect for medications, perfume, skin-care products, and just about any other health and beauty item under the sun.

Airplane certified 3 ounce freezer gel pack included for extended cooling. Just freeze and place inside the inner water resistant storage pouch. Best of all, our compact and stylish bag will fit everywhere - from your purse to your beach bag, gym bag or travel bag.

IcyBag is the ideal accessory for travel, the beach, golf course, moms on the go, gym, outdoor events and definitely in the hot car.

We invest a lot of money in our beauty products. IcyBag can help extend the shelf life of these products by protecting them from the damaging effects of heat and sun.

Dimensions: main bag 6x8, inside pouch 3x7, gel pack 3x6

These bags are available in a variety of colors and they come with 1 or 2 gel packs. The prices range from $15 - $20.

You can buy your own - here.

Do you think you could/would use this..??

I don't think I would buy this, I think this is really good for those who go to the beach/travel often & I don't. I like the concept behind it though.


  1. You'd prob be able to make your own for cheaper too! LOL! But is it really that hot for your makeup to melt in your bag somewhere out there?! Maybe if you leave it in the car or sun, but not just walking around right?! Hrm...

  2. interesting concept - it would def. work for taking makeup & stuff to the beach, but you know I'd be all DIY and just grab a freezer pack & stick it in a ziplock bag to do the same thing, lol.


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