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Product Review: ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

Product Review: ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

Gently and easily cleans skin to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, even waterproof mascara. Great for on-the-go travel. Gentle cloths are soft and soothing for even the most sensitive skin. Infused with Aloe Vera Extract for deep hydration and moisture. 20 Pre-moistened cloths included.-ELF website

These are my new favorite makeup remover wipes!! I have really sensitive skin and I think this does a great job of removing my makeup and not irritating my skin. These clothes are large enough to remove all of the makeup from my whole face and then some!

-Large sheet, it removes ALL of your face makeup.
-These cloths are very moist, and EVERY single cloth remains moist - even the very last one.
-Affordable!! $3.00!!
-The pouch is super easy to open. I don't know about you, but some brands make it nearly impossible to get to a wipe - all in hopes of keeping them moist. This pouch has a resealable sticker directly over the wipe, then a plastic cover over that - so simple, yet a great way to keep these wipes moist.

Picture from ELF website.

-Portable!! These come in a soft plastic pouch that you can carry anywhere.
-Removes MOST of my waterproof mascara.
-This doesn't leave a film on my face, my face feels clean after I use this.

-These do have a light scent. I personally LOVE the smell, but I know this may be an issue for some people.
-These cloths don't remove very heavy eye makeup, but seriously what wipe does..??

I didn't have a ton of makeup on - I had a tinted moisturizer, bronzer, & mascara - all off in a few swipes!
I really like these sheets!! I find myself going out of my way to go to Target just to pick these suckers up.

You can buy these makeup wipes at Target or on the ELF website here.

Have you tried these makeup remover cloths?


  1. I saw these at my local Target. I was thinking of trying it because I really wanna carry some makeup wipes in my purse. I have those days where I just gotta get my makeup off and I don't want to carry around my 100 pack MAC wipes.

    These seem like they get the job done for a decent price! I'm for sure getting these now! :)

  2. Honestly, my Target is like the only one that doesn't carry ELF! Great review..I'm currently testing Target's version of the Neutrogena far soo good.

  3. Never seen these yet.. hrm... right now I'm using Epille wipes. When I use wipes. But I hear the Costco Kirkland ones are pretty good too!

  4. I tried these and they burnt the crap out of my eyes and face. No bueno for me.


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