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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

I went in for one thing...

Note: This blog entry was actually written a month ago & I completely forgot to publish it. Opps!!

I went into Sally's & Walmart for one thing and I walk out with all 
Story of my life!!

Left to Right: Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Cloud 9, Instant Artificial Nails Nail Polish, nail file, KISS Active Square Nails, & Punki Pink by Nina Ultra Pro (You can buy this at Sally's). 

These are supposed to be the Sally's brand imitation of TGI products.
Beyond the Zone Rock on Dry Shampoo & Beyond the Zone Rock on Volumizing Powder.
I've tried both products & while they're not great, they're not bad either...I need to play with them a little bit more. I definitely think this is one of the better under $10 dry shampoos I've tried.

I really like the finished results...
I used 2 coats of the artificial nails, 2 coats of the sinful nail polish in Cloud 9, & 1 coat of seche vite.
I do think my nails look kind of fake in person, but only because of how good they look. The artificial nail polish adds some thickness to my nails & the sinful nail polish color really pops against my skin. This maybe my summer nail staple...

When was the last time you went in for one thing & left with a basket/cart full of stuff..??


  1. Hee hee...always go in for 1 thing and walk out with MORE. Geezus. I like your nails lady! Lucky that you can grow yours out a bit. Mine get peely. I put the hooker nails back on.

  2. I don't use a basket. To stave of any temptation to fill a basket, I usually get what I need in my hand. AND if I pick up other stuff (some needed and wants).

    I usually put the impulse buys (the wants) back before eventually paying. It works I ask myself: do I really need it? Do I really want it? Can I get this another time (sale perhaps?) etc. Or I'll wait it out a few days or a week. Then think of the item, I usually don't want it anymore.

    I'm a stay-at-home mom for 6yrs with a limited budget. Considering I'm not a single gal with just my own expenses, I can live without, say, that lippie or nail polish. But when I see something I would have liked (and its on sale), I might snatch one up once in while to treat myself (when the kids are making me crazy).

    It's good to practice self control, or to try to keep to a budget. It's hard, but it can be done for those impulse buys.

  3. lol I always end up buying more than planned whenever I go to a drugstore/Target/ just happens! Cloud 9 looks really nice - not as stark as white, but not too pastel :)

    last time I went in for 1 thing was just the other day...went to Sally's to pick up some polish for a friend, and ended up getting 3 for myself! like I need more polish, heh


    I think your nails look fab.

    Hiro and I make a tonne of impulse buys. We go into a furniture shop coz looking is free but come out in a chair.

    Listen here - You and I work hard for our money. We can buy what the eff we want and we shouldn't feel too bad because we have earned the right to treat ourselves. Judgmental back handed comment givers should watch their own wallets not yours!

  5. Oh dang! I just made a comment and it went into error mode.

    I love the nails and when ever I go into Walmart I tend to pick up way too many things but thank goodness for the cheap prices right? I think its ok to spoil yourself, especially since you deserve it.

    Ms. Anonymous, while your comment was long winded and self righteous, you have good pointers for those who have money issues such as yourself (which is no laughing matter)and perhaps should look into writing a money managing blog, but you didn't answer the question...
    The question was ....When was the last time you went in for one thing & left with a basket/cart full of stuff..?? not hey readers how does one pinch a penny between their ass cheeks?

  6. It wasn't my intent to come across judgmental or self-righteous. I wrote what I usually do to try not to get more than one thing. There's nothing wrong with buying what you want. If my comment was inappropriate or I didn't "answer the question," it shouldn't have been approved.


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