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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

What's Your Favorite Piece of Clothing? FOTD

Do you have that one piece of clothing that you wear over & over again..? For me it's definitely the grey sweater I'm wearing in the picture below. It's lightweight & comfy & I adore it!!

Here's a FOTD I did this weekend to meet up with some friends for drinks..

Note: These pictures were NOT photoshopped or altered in ANY way!! I've been getting a lot of RUDE comments about it not being possible for my skin to be that GLOWY in real life. It's true my skin isn't THAT glowy in real life, but the flash from the camera does help my face look brighter. Other than that it's all makeup & me taking REALLY good care of my skin.

-Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ in 31 Golden Beige

-Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach

-Mineral Wear Physicians Formula Powder

-MAC Blush in Ripe Peach


-NYX Color Palette in Jazz Night  (The two colors on the right hand side on the top row.)

-Laura Mercier Waterproof Mascara

In person the foundation doesn't look like this light on my face, it does match better to the rest of my body. Darn you

-Essence XXXL Shine Lipglosses in Pick Me Up

What's your favorite piece of clothing?


  1. Wow someone would actually hate on you for having glowy skin? Talk about jealousy! You look gorgeous and your skin is definitely thanking you because it's flawless! (:

  2. I agree! Your skin is so pretty and glowy here.

    The "piece" of clothing I wear over and over again is really more like 15 or so. I have these GAP tees that have a deep v-neck and a pocket on the left side and I have them in almost every color they came out with -some doubles! I loveee them so much and buy more everytime they come out. I pretty much wear one in a different color every day.

  3. Talk about RUDE for sure! Don't they realize that it's flash! Or if it were me.. exposure correcting?! LOL! I'm glad you showed them that your skin is great even w/o the editing! HA!

    Mm.. don't have one particular item. But comfy tshirts are a must!

  4. Oh my gosh, rudeness! I swear idk where these people come from. I agree they are totally jealous cuz your skin looks fab! I love comfy sweaters too but lately I've been addicted to v-necks it's all I wear.

  5. Hey, it's no crime having gorgeous skin because you take care of it!!


  6. @Tina Marie Thank you!!

    @Kali I do the same thing with Forever 21 shirts..I swear I keep those shirts in constant

    @Wuzzy Thank you honey!!

    @Neeyuhh Me 2..v necks from F21..I have them in a ton of

    @Jamilla Thank you!!

  7. Shove loaded carrots up the noses of these rude people!!

    I actually think you are the prettiest girl on blogger.

  8. @Old Cow - Agh..I can't believe you said that!! Thank you honey!!! *squeeze* I think there are many beautiful women on being tops in my book!!

  9. I've seen you plenty of times in person to know that your skin really does look as gorgeous as it does in your photos (love the new camera you got btw)! they're just jealous because you've found good products for your skin!

    my favorite piece of clothing...possibly a grey cardigan from h&m, I wear it to work a LOT...or my threadless shirts if I'm just wearing something casual


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