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Product Review - Avon Solutions Plus+ Total Radiance Eye Gel

Product Review - Avon Solutions Plus+ Total Radiance Eye Gel

New & Improved Solutions

For normal/combination skin. This soothing gel refreshes and revives the eye area. Minimizes the appearance of undereye bags and helps brighten dark circles. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist-tested. Fragrance-free. .5 fl. oz.      $12.50         -From the Avon website.

So I bought this eye cream a few weeks ago, because I was done with my old one (duh) and because the reviews for it were really good. The reviews on the website said how great this is for undereye puffiness so I knew I had to give this a try, since that is one of my #1 concerns.

-Affordable. On the website it's currently $12.50 & Avon is ALWAYS having some type of deal on their products.
-It WORKS. I began to see an improvement with my undereye puffiness in about 2 weeks. Note: If you don't use this product consistently (day & night) this will NOT work.
-The gel formula is really soothing & refreshing (gives a slight cooling effect).
-Does not leave a heavy, greasy residue behind. Perfect for using before applying makeup.

-I did not see any difference in the brightening of my undereye circles, but that's because mine are due to allergies and heredity.
-This product may not be good for someone with dry skin, because it may not provide enough moisture.

I would definitely buy this product again. I was really impressed with the improvement of my undereye puffiness, plus it just feels good on my eyes after a long day.

Have you tried any Avon skincare items???

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  1. Thanks for the post! I've been looking for a more affordable eye gel. :)

  2. Okay you know I'm on luggage control all the time right?! This sounds really good. When I'm done with my eye cream now, I'm def gonna have to remember this one to try!

  3. @Jenna - You should give this a try then. =)

    @Wuzzy - LOL...I wrote this post with you in mind, I know how we are both always looking for a great eye cream.

  4. thanks for gifting this to me! I really like the gel consistency - it's moisturizing without feeling too heavy like my last eye cream :)


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