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Blame it on Ulta!

I really need to stop going to Ulta, but really it's their fault. They need to stop giving me $5 off coupons!! On my latest trip to Ulta I was on the hunt for some new skincare products since I just finished my face soap & lotion. Why is it that everything runs out at the same time..?? I swear it's like that with food at home too...ceral but no milk, bread but no butter..agh!!

Back to what I did buy..
Ulta was having a sale on this brand Formula 10.0.6 & I had just an article in In Style magazine about how great the Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer is, so I decided to give this brand a try. The sale was Buy 1, Get 1 50% off. I bought 2 Seriously Shine Free Moisturizers, 1 Best Face Forward Cleanser, 1 Deep Down Detox Mask. I'm still really new to this brand, but I do like what I've read about it. You can read up about the company and their products here -

Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser Passionfruit + Green Tea
So far I really like this cleanser, my face feels clean after I use it without feel tight. Plus it has green tea in it which is great for fighting breakouts. 

Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask
I've only used the mask one time & I think it did an ok job..I still need to test this more.

Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer
The moisturizer...ehh..I like it & It does keep me shine free, but I think it may be too mattifying for me. I feel like it does take away a bit of your natural glow, I need to test this more to give you a full review. 

NYX Eyeshadow Palettes - Jazz Night, Secret World, & Champagne & Caviar.
These were also on sale!! They were $7.50 each & they were having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal, so I had to buy 3!! I'm slightly disappointed in these palettes, they're pretty but the colors are really soft so there's a ton of fallout & they're not that pigmented. I'll post some swatches soon. 

China Glaze Nail Polishes - Peachy Keen, Light As Air, & Lemon Fizz
I have been on the hunt for Peach Keen for what feels like ages!! I finally found & I absolutely adore it!!These were also on sale, Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

What good deals have you gotten lately..??


  1. beautiful haul. i heart ulta too. :)

  2. seriously! ulta needs to stop sending us coupon. i'm a sucker to sales too haha. sorry the nyx e/s did not work out. peachy kneen is such a beautiful color, it's also my favorite.

  3. The nail colours all look divine! Like sugar coated shtuff for your talons.

    I would have grabbed the passion fruit and green tea face wash too.

  4. Nice haul! Since I'm still on my no buy until the end of the month I'm glad I didn't get these coupons! lol. Can't wait to hear more about the formula stuff, I'm gonna need new skincare items soon and the moisturizer sounds like something I would like. Ohh peachy keen is so pretty, I've been into bright cream polishes lately.

  5. LOL Sure... we'll blame ULTA. But you're enabling us too! LOL! Awesome haul woman!

  6. Lovely haul, the polishes look so pretty :)

  7. i love those palettes right now! i only have 2 of them but $7.49 was a steal and those ulta coupons are the shizzz lol

  8. @Ashwini - Thanks!!

    @May I know, it's all their fault!! lol

    @Old Cow Yes!! They remind me of frosting for my nails..

    @Neeyuhh As soon as I'm done testing, I will post a review. Good luck on your no buy..

    @Wuzzy No, no!! Blame

    @Dina Yes, the colors are so pretty..

    @Roxy You should go buy the rest. =P

  9. that moisturizer sounds like something I'd like...damn this love/hate with my oily skin! that's a shame about the NYX palettes - I'd been eyeing the Champagne & Caviar palette for a while. was there still a lot of fallout after priming your lids or using a base?


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