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Show Me Your...

So I've never been one of those people to snoop in another person's medicine cabinet. I swear!! The way I look at it is that somethings SHOULD remain private. I mean do you really need to know if your friend has some type of toe infection..? Nasty..

In all honesty if anyone would go through my cabinets they wouldn't find anything juicy, just a lot of beauty products. Probably more than the average consumer, but not more that the average beauty blogger.  ;)

So here's my side of the medicine cabinet..

Top Row: Soap container with my Eden Allure Soap , bobbi pins, rat tail comb, & hair ties.

Middle Row: Dove Deep Moisture Lotion, Face Shop Control Brightening Essence, Biore Skin Preservation Hard Day's Night Lotion, Contact Solution, ELF Eye Makeup Remover, Cettua Pimple Patches, & Face Shop Sheet Mask

Bottom Row: Philosophy The Present Day Clear Makeup, Biore Skin Preservation Clean Things Up Gel Cleanser, Avon Solutions Eye Cream, Missha BB Cleansing Oil, Face Shop Post Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser, Labello Lip Balm in Milk & Honey. 

So what's in your medicine cabinet??????


  1. :) such a strange concept but i love peeking into medicine cabinets! i love when they have those features in magazines for celebrities cabinets


  2. I mostly have my facial cleansers, exfoliators, and makeup removers in mine. Haha sometimes I like looking through other peoples medicine cabinets too. I'm so guilty of doing that =X

  3. I make it a point to empty out my medicine cabinet and fill it up with ping pong balls when ppl come over. I wanna see who are the nosy ones.

  4. wow, your medicine cabinet is so neat! Mine has full of bandages, medicine for insomnia, sore throat and pain. hahaha :P and the other medicine cabinet has some shaving stuff and perfumes for adrian :P no beauty stuff. :P

  5. thanks for sharing the inside of your medicine cabinet! :) I spot the face shop essence and spot eraser that I am also using at the moment :)

  6. I don't have actual medicine cabinets @ my place, haha and apparently looking at yours, I have way too much stuff, way too much, it's quite embarrassing!

  7. I was loling cause your cabinet looks a lot like the products I use too. :)
    How do you like the Face Shop Control Brightening Essence? I have it too but haven't really used it.

  8. That's a pretty good organized cabinet! Not that much stuff at all!

    LOL You tagged me, but guess what?! I don't have a medicine cabinet! LOL! So I don't know what I can show you! LOL!

    Everything is on the sink counter, or a part of my desk in my room! LOL!

  9. @D.M. I like looking at the celebrity cabinets too, it doesn't feel like snooping since they let me look. lol

    @Tina Marie I'm so scared of what I'm going to find in someone's cabinet, so I don'

    @EtherealPrey I'm gonna do this!

    @Iyah I don't actually have any medicine in my medicine cabinet, I keep that stuff in my linen closet. lol

    @Lulu How are you liking the Face Shop products?

    @J-Ezzy uhm...that's only the stuff I use The other stuff is in my linen closet & under the sink...!!! It's everywhere!!

    @lupakitty So far I'm really liking it, but I haven't been using it long enough to see any real difference yet.

    @WuzzyAngel Show me sink counter & desk. =)

  10. i like Prey's idea of filling the cabinet with ping pong balls when guests are over, haha

    I just posted my response - no medicine cabinet, but I have a bathroom shelf instead =P

  11. OK, I'll take a picture of my medicine TROLLEY, lol!



  12. HA I was just thinking about doing this kind of a post, but you've made it into a great little tag! Great blog, just started following ya. :)

  13. @Diana I'm going to do this next time..I swear!! lol

    @Jamilla Thank you for doing the tag. =)

    @Ashwini Thank you for following. You should do the tag too.

    @Nail Polish - Thank you for reading. =)


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