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Greek Gods on Your Lawn/Party Animals!

Note: This post was scheduled to post on Saturday, but for some reason blogger didn't do it!! Grr!!

Many of you have requested that I post more about what I do on my weekends. It always varies on where we go, but we usually take a drive somewhere & we ALWAYS see something out of the ordinary.

Last weekend we drove past this house that had a few statues that looked like Greek Gods of Water. I'm not sure why anyone would want this on their front lawn, but it was fun to look at it.

Then last Saturday I went out to celebrate one my bestie's birthday.
Here's the outfit I wore, my dress was only $20 from a store called Dots.

And of course my makeup. I didn't want to do too much since I knew it would slip off while dancing.

Boots Expert Matte
L'oreal Smooth Surface Primer
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream,
NYC Bronzer in Sunny

UD Eyeliner in Zero
HIP Gel Liner in Purple (it was a shade of purple, not sure if that was the name.) I buffed this in like a cream eyeshadow.
Shishem XO lashes.

Maybelline - Maybe She's Born With It Lipstick. 

We celebrated her birthday at a Spanish club that had some awesome music. They pretty much had to give us the boot when 3am came because we were all still dancing. LOL

With the besties...the birthday girl is on the left.

The birthday girl with her hubby.

My hubby & I with my other bestie.

This is probably my favorite picture of us EVER!! We've been friends since we were 10 years old.

I don't really have pictures of us dancing, because I was too busy dancing
These are two of my best friends in the world & although I don't get to see them too often (*cough, cough* we need to change that! *cough, cough*) I absolutely adore them!

And tonight we're doing it all over again to celebrate MY Birthday, which is actually tomorrow. YAY!!

How do you celebrate your birthday?


  1. i always wonder about the people that have statues/fountains like that in their yard...or if they have 100 statues and some kind of garden setup that practically hides the house

    you look so lovely in those pics (great deal on the dress too)!

  2. Haha those statues are definitely out of the ordinary.

    I love your dress! You look lovely. It's so Springy/Summery. Perfect for this season (:

  3. What interesting statues lol.

    Your dress is sooooo cute I love it! You look lovely in it. :D

  4. Love your dress :D And great pics too :)

  5. @Diana I just don't understand WHY one would want that in their front

    I love this dress! I know I'm going to find more excuses to wear

    @Tina Marie, Catherine, Dina - Thank you. =)


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