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Birthday Love

Good Morning Ladies!!
This is a video I recorded with my new camera, I think the quality is so much better than my old camera!!
Here's a little birthday hauling I did from MAC. I've never owned a MAC paintpot before so I knew I needed the two from the Prêt-à-Papier collection. In all honesty, I'm not really loving groundwork the way I thought I would, but I'm still playing around with it. For right now I'm really loving coral crepe, I think it's going to be as staple for me this summer.

Groundwork & Coral Crepe.

Groundwork (top) Coral Crepe (bottom)

What's a MAC haul without lip products??
Left to Right: Richer Lusher Cremesheen Glass, Dressmaker Dressmaker Lipstick, Made to Order Lipstick, & Stylesetter Lipstain. (opps! I forgot to take a picture of the lipstick without the cap on, but I do show you what the lipstick looks like in the video.)

Top to Bottom: Stylesetter, Richer Lusher, Made to Order, Dressmaker Dressmaker

A few blogger ladies sent me some birthday goodies & I thought I would share with you what they sent me.

My East Coast buddy Mel (*cough, cough* We need to meet! *cough, cough*) sent me amazing things!! I screamed when I saw the "Things I Need to Do"  You know me so well Mel, I'm OCD with writing down the things I need to do..!! She also sent me her pigments, because she still hasn't gotten the hang of them. See that beautiful bracelet in the right hand corner..?? I wore that to my birthday party & I got compliments on it all night, I forgot to point the bracelet out in my last blog entry.

When I met my trapeze partner Kay she decided to give me my birthday gift early. Those Maple KitKats are DEVINE!! I NOW see what the obsession is with flavored KitKats..YUMMY!! She also gave me some sheet masks (look at the packaging, isn't it pretty?), a nail polish (purple is my favorite color), a mascara (I believe this one has fibers in it, I haven't opened it yet because I currently have a few open mascaras), & more sweet treats.

The wonderful Diana also sent me some birthday treats & I can tell she paid special attention to my Mascara by Rimmel (which I've never tried, but I've heard so many good things about), Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion from the Body Shop (my favorite!!), an Ecotools blush brush (my new FAVORITE blush brush, it's firm but soft), Tokidoki mints, and eyedrops!!

As if that wasn't enough, she sent me sheet masks!! I am officially in sheet mask HEAVEN!!! Look at all of these delicious She even included a note letting me know what each mask is for.

Thank you ladies for the birthday love. I truly appreciate it!!!!!!  <3 <3 <3


  1. oooh new camera! i'm going to need to come back to this post later so i can watch the video :)

    nice MAC purchase - lots of new lip colors for summer! oh, I'm sorry the drops weren't the Lycee ones you had on your wishlist - after I placed the order, I looked at your list again and had a "d'oh!" moment. they should still work well though - lots of good stuff in those drops!

    the blush brush is one of my faves as well! almost all of their brushes are awesome (the face powder one isn't as dense)!

  2. yay for birthday goodies!!! and a new camera :)

    love all the mac stuff u got, can you please do a swatch of stylesetter lip stain for us? I've been lemming it haha

  3. you should!! lush fresh masks are fun to use :) and good for summer too because it's so cooling when u take them out of the fridge to use.

    hehe yea i saw the swatch on your hand, it's such a pretty pink, does it show up well on your lips though? that's what i was afraid of, that it might not be pigmented enough to make my lips pink :)

  4. Happy Late Birthday! You look so gorgeous. I like the simple conservative look! Yay! Also, love the quality of the new cam! You got lots of goodies!

  5. Wow, so much goodies! the lip colors are so pretty :)

  6. Look at all that bday love! And you deserve it all & So much more!!! :)

    Oohh those Rhoto drops are my fave one! Especially bcuz I can use them w/ my contacts. I use that one & the Lycee one everyday!

  7. Yayyyy. :D What lovely things. I can't wait to see FOTDs with all your new MAC goodies too! :D

  8. I'm so glad you liked everything! I think I may have our first meeting in the works..maybe the make up show? LoL

  9. @Diana Thank you for the goodies. =)

    @Lulu I will do a swatch on my lips for you.

    @Diane @ Dina Thank you. =)

    @Wuzzy Awww...thank you!! *hugs*

    @Catherine Thank you.

    @Mel Thank you honey..I love everything! The makeup show itself is great, but it's so expensive to get in.

  10. Happy belated Birthday! What amazing gifts, I'm very happy for you :)


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