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Spend the Day with Me..

Hi Everyone!!

I thought I would share with you ladies what a typical spring/summer Saturday is like for my hubby & I.

We usually get up around 10am/11am (standard time for warm weather, cold weather we stay in bed till at least 12..haha!), then we go have some brunch.

This is our favorite spot..

They sell crepes & sandwiches. We usually order a sandwich & a crepe to share & eat until our plates are nice and clean.

We usually order a strawberry, chocolate, & nutella crepe..

We then take a walk around the area & we always end up at this bookstore. I love it!! It's small, but it carries a ton of books & odd bits.

During our walk I saw this beautiful reminds me of the beach & Cape Cod.

I tried on random shades, but I didn't buy any. Yes, that's my hubby behind me..hehe!

And saw shamrocks! I've never seen them in person before.

We then hopped into the car & drove around...

We have painting on our walls too Glowy!!! I wonder if your 'friend's will come here to visit me...

hmm..I wonder who will be the first person to say something inappropriate about this

This is an old church that was turned into a hair salon!! Cool, right..??
Next time I'm going to go inside and check it out...I wonder if the 'stations' are actually pews..

We spent the night at a devil's hockey game..This is not a regular Saturday night thing for us, but it's what we did this Saturday.

2 minutes into the game there was a fight...and a good one!! They were allowed to fight for about 2 minutes. Ouch!!

For good measure here's a pic of the hubby & I. Yes, we are TIRED!! This past week has been chaos & we've been on the go the WHOLE time. We had a great time at the game though.

What are your weekends like??


  1. Perfectly charming look into the life of you!! I know you know that I would love this post!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Saturday! You look lovely even though you were tired!

  3. Cute! I love having a sneak peek into other people's lives. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Awww you shared your day with us! And it seems like a fun one filled w/ love! Mmmm.. that looks sooo goood!!

    Rock the aviators girl!! :)

  5. Oh yeah, btw, I'm obsessed with Crepes...I make my own when I'm home alone!

  6. Hey, your weekends look like so much fun!! This sounds like what the hubby and I TRY to do, but his schedule equals madness but it makes our saturdays or sundays together super duper special.

    Girl, I know what you mean by tired!! Come to my house for one week and you'll agree.

    I liked those sunglasses on you! And that necklace, gimme!!

    I love live games, I don't watch them on tv really, but live, I'm there! Looks like such a blast!


  7. You guys are too friggin cute. I also need those crepes in my life.

  8. you two are so cute :) that crepe looks really yummy! thanks for sharing your day with us :)


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