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Product Review: Revlon PhotoReady Makeup

Product Review: Revlon PhotoReady Makeup

I was so excited to try this makeup. I figured since Revlon has really improved their products that this would be a good item to try, especially since I've been dying to try MUFE HG foundation & I was hoping that this would be a good dupe.

-Amazing coverage. You really don't need to use a lot of product to cover imperfections.
-The bottle has an easy to use pump, so you don't use too much product.
-I think the 'shimmer' that is in this gives a nice glow & it's not overwhelming as many other people have said.
-I think this foundation really lives up to it's name Photo Ready, because every picture I've taken with this on my skin looks amazing!
-Contains SPF 20.
-Oil Free & Fragrance Free, I didn't break out at all with this.
-Easy to find & affordable in comparison to high end foundations (about $12.99 in most drugstores).

Wearing the Revlon PhotoReady Makeup

This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago, the color really looks too light here because of the high SPF & the fact that I dyed my hair a dark brown the day before. It's not THIS light in person, it's just a shade too light in person.

-The color selection!! Come on Revlon...there really aren't any shades between light tan & dark..?? The color I picked up (Golden Beige) is only good for me in the winter, and honestly it's still a little light.
-For a drugstore foundation it is a little pricey. (yes I know the price is on both the pros & cons list, depends on how you look at it. lol)
-This formula dries REALLY quickly so you have to blend the product in ASAP or it will look streaky.
-I believe the really light formulas have more shimmer than the tan, that or it's just more obvious on lighter skin tones - so the shimmer MAY be overwhelming if you are really pale.
-The high SPF does give you a white cast in photos.

Overall: I would say that if you could find a good color match you should definitely try this!! BUT if you're tan or dark you may have to wait for Revlon to add more colors to this line.
Have you tried this foundation..?? What did you think of it..?

FTC disclaimer - I bought this item with my own $$.


  1. your hair is looking super shinnny! ;]

  2. Great review! I felt the same way. I did try to love this one, I bought two shades until I gave up :(

  3. I've been reading a lot about PhotoReady.. seems like it's hit or miss... glad to hear you like it though! I need to get it.

  4. Great review Tammy! Even though it does look light on you in the pic it still looks pretty flawless! :)

    Sucks about drugstrore foundies for me is it's so hard to find your shade! And some places you can't even swatch! :(

  5. thanks for the review! bu i don't think i'll try this cause it got shimmer. and i don't like my oily skin looks shimmery :D
    love your hair btw!

  6. Thank you for the review! I was looking at these last week and none of the colors looked like a match for me so I'm hoping they do come out with more shades.

  7. i got golden beige too and i feel it's a bit too light for me =p


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