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Lawless Cream Blush in Rosebud | #lawlessbeauty #blush

Drugstore Snoopin

You ladies know how I love to roam the cosmetic aisles at the drugstores. Here are some new things I spotted. Sorry for the poor quality, these pictures were taken with my cell phone.

New eye shadows!! I believe the colors on the right side of the compact are cream.
Pretty right?

Cream blushes in a stick form. I want this too!!

A makeup remover..?? Hmm..I don't know how good the quality could be, but it's cheap so I might give it a try.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Eye Shadow
Pretty, but I really don't NEED more eye shadows.

Wet N Wild
They have a new higher end line that looks decent, it's in addition to their regular line. The concealer brush looks really good, but I think I would use it to apply eyeshadow.

New Eye Shadows from their regular line. I've heard really good things about their eye shadows, but I don't think I will be trying not. need. haha!

Latina Bella

You're probably saying to yourself...what?? I've never heard of this brand!! Well me neither!! I was super excited when I saw this though!! The prices are on the higher end of the drugstore spectrum ranging from $8-$15, but the quality & color off seems to be amazing!! I only allowed myself to buy one thing, when I really wanted to buy it all.
The brand carries foundations (liquid & cream), powders, lipglosses, lipsticks, blushes, highlighters, eyeliners, & mascara. Hmm...anything essential missing..?? YES!! CONCEALER!! The minute I saw this brand I was so excited for their concealer...finally something that may match me!! Nope!! They don't make one!! Poo!! This brand still seems really intriguing to me though & I think it would be a good match for both latina & asian skin tones since these foundations are pink & yellow based.  

This brand allows you to make your own palettes. On

Here's the one item I picked up from this line:

This blush is super soft & REALLY pigmented!! I really am loving this blush right now, it gives your skin a really nice glow and it blends in really well. This compact does come with 2 brushes, & I honestly have no idea why, but it doesn't matter because I wouldn't have ever used them anyway. haha!

What's your latest drugstore purchase?


  1. Ayyyy those blush sticks look mega!! *fingers crossed that you get one and hit us with a brill review*

  2. i love this post
    keep doing these so i can drool over stuff u guys get and i cant hahaha

  3. I think I need to visit my nearest drugstore....thanks for posting about this...

  4. Ooh, how exciting! That blush looks so pretty!

  5. Wow I haven't seen a lot of this stuff around here yet, I really wanna try the blush sticks though so I'll be stalking some drugstores for those lol.

  6. omg I Want to try the latina brand sooo bad..such cute packaging!


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