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Product Reviews: Sexy Hair - Healthy Sexy Hair Line

Product Reviews: Sexy Hair - Healthy Sexy Hair Line

Please note: Sexy Hair has been very kind in sending me all of these products to try. I will NEVER alter my opinion of a product to please anyone else. I do not accept payment for my reviews.

Soy Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

SoyMilk Shampoo (10.1 oz) $13.95;

Hydrating and strengthening shampoo cleanses gently, penetrating deep into hair's cuticle to nourish and protect.

-Moisturizes without weighing hair down
-Preserves color
-Protects hair against environmental damage

Special ingredients: Pro-Vitamin B, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile Extract, Wheat Protein

Tip: Gentle enough to use daily on all hair types. Follow with Soymilk Conditioner.

I LOVE this shampoo! I have finally found my holy grail in shampoos!! This shampoo has a great amount of lather, which I absolutely love. I feel like this shampoo really cleans my hair without stripping it. It also helps that the smell is DEVINE, I can't really describe the scent too well (that's NOT my thing) but I can say its a very fresh & soft scent.  

Soy Milk Conditioner $14.95

Hydrating and strengthening conditioner penetrates deeply to nourish and protect.
-Smooths hair cuticle and detangles
-Helps prevent damage and enhance shine
-Preserves color

Special ingredients: Pro-Vitamin B, Soy Protein, Amino Acids

Tip: Gentle enough to use daily on all hair types. Use with Soymilk Shampoo.

My first reaction to this was, "Ok this is NOT going to work!!" This conditioner is actually quite thin and in the past conditioners like this don't usually do much for my hair, I was WRONG!! This conditioner gives my hair nice shine & it feels really moisturized. I will say that it doesn't detangle as well as I would like it to, but the results in the end are definitely worth it to me.

Results when using the shampoo & conditioner are amazing!! My hair is soft, bouncy, & moisturized!! Another perk for me is that I feel like my hair is staying cleaner for longer!! I usually wash my hair every other day, and with this combo by day 3 my hair still looks & feels really fresh & clean.

Soy Paste Texture Pomade (1.8oz; $15.95)

Hydrating yet non-greasy pomade conditions as it styles, washes out easily and never flakes.

-Texturizes and separates
-Strengthens and imparts amazing shine
-Delivers firm yet pliable hold

Special ingredients: Beeswax, Soy Botanical Blend, Chamomile Extract

Tip: Use on dry hair for a satin finish.

I tend to associate pomades for people with short hair, so I have yet to find a lot of uses for this product. I've mainly been using it to keep my layers in place when I braid my hair, so far it has done a really good job & leaves my hair really shiny. I do think that this product is best suited for someone with short to medium hair.


Soya Want Full Hair - Firm Hold Hairspray  (9.10 oz; $16.95)

Extremely firm-hold hairspray strengthens and protects while adding volume.

-Provides all-day hold and root lift
-Infuses hair with strength and shine
-Protects hair from thermal and environmental damage

Special ingredients: Soy Protein, Wheat Protein

Tips: Use daily as a finishing spray on all hair types. For added volume, spray at the roots.

This is a regular firm hold hairspray. It does its job, but I can't say it does anything that a regular hairspray wouldn't do. I do find it really helpful to spray on my hair before curling though, I feel like my curls last much longer than usual when I use this hairspray.

Soy Tri-Wheat Treatment (6.8 oz; $15.95)

Hydrating deep conditioner revives each strand and locks in moisture. 

-Delivers intense moisture
-Strengthens, helps prevent and repair damage
-Instantly makes hair look healthier and shinier

Special ingredients: Soy Proteins, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil

Tip: Use weekly for best results.

After one use my hair looked so much healthier!! This winter has been really drying out my hair and I feel like in 1 use my hair looked back to normal!! Warning - This product makes your hair incredibly soft, so soft that your hair may have a hard time holding waves or curls after using this.

Soy Mellow Conditioning & Taming Foam (6.8oz; $16.95)

Styling/conditioning hybrid increases elasticity, strengthens, restores amino acids lost during blow drying.

-Relaxes and smoothes hair while styling
-Provides body and control
-Combats humidity and frizz

Special ingredients: Macadamia Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil

Tip: Emulsify in palms and work through hair from roots to ends before styling.

I saved my favorite for last!!! Please note that the tip above is absolutely necessary when using this product!! If you don't rub the product between your hands you will have too much product in one spot & your hair will be rather crunchy!! haha!! Now why is this product my favorite..?? Because it absolutely does what the bottle says!! It provides my hair with a ton of volume and zero frizz!! Also when you use this before blow drying it leaves your hair really smooth and outrageous lift in your roots!! Last time I used this product it looked like I used large rollers that's how much volume and swoosh my hair had.

Overall: While this line is definitely a bit pricer than what I would normally buy, I must say that some of these products are definitely must haves for me! The must haves for me are the SoyMilk shampoo, SoyMilk conditioner, &  the conditioning & taming foam. often has these products on sale for buy 1 get 1 free.

Have you ever tried any products from Sexy Hair..??



  1. Oooo. The whole line sounds nice! Did you buy it all at once? Or realize you liked one or two products and then went out to buy the rest?

  2. The Soy Renewal is love from this line!

  3. I *think* I tried a chocolate soy shampoo from this line? it was a while ago, lol...MG used to love their volumizing pumpkin shampoo, but stopped using it only because of the wheat ingredients. nice reviews on all the products - might have to look at those again the next time I'm at ulta :)

  4. Wow this whole line sounds really great! Thank you for the reviews!

    I've only tried the big sexy hair stuff. My fave is the blow dry volumizing gel.

  5. Love this line! I use all of the above products plus some :) Ive been using them for about a year now and I think I am seriously in love with my hair!


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