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YouTube Love

You guys all know I'm constantly watching YouTube videos. Here are some of my currenty fav's.

Vanessa's hair curling video. I've been dying to wear my hair like this & now I know how!

Holy crap!! This man is AMAZING!! I MEAN AMAZING!! Just watch & see.

So simple, yet so helpful!! I love wearing berets.

And just to make you smile...

What videos are you currently loving?


  1. those are some awesome vids..I cant really say I have faves cuz I love watching alot of videos on YT

  2. i like to watch Wayne Goss too! all of his tutorial and tips are so helpful.

  3. Great picks! I love all of them, the last vid was cute and funny, where are you taking steve?! hahah. Hmm it's hard to pick faves but i'm loving ilikeweylie, glitterdollz7 and s2pandapple.


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