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Random Wish List

I've decided to call this a random wish list, because some of these items really wouldn't make good X-mas gifts..haha!!

MUFE HF Foundation - I love how flawless your skin looks with this.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II - I love the 1st one, why not get the 2nd one..hehe!

OV/Beauty Diary/Skinfood Sheet Mask - I love sheet masks, and I'm ready to try some new brands. I'm buying some of these for myself today.

Nexcare Acne Patches - I'm fascinated by these, I wanna know if they work as well as everyone says. I'm buying some of these for myself today

A new camera
While I love the diesel looking cameras I have no idea how to use them & I would be way too scared to damage them so I don't want anything that advanced, but I do want to upgrade.


I've already received the #1 thing on my wish list!! The Clarisonic Mia Cleansing System!!

I won it in a contest, I'm so excited to start using this. Have any of you tried this yet..??

What's on your wish list..?


  1. wow! you're so lucky! i wanted the cleaner too but i don't know how frequently i would use it...LOL

  2. I soooo want to get UD BoS II but I can't justify it because I hardly touch BoS =T but it's just soooo pretty!

    ooh, which MBD masks did you decide to get? I want to try some Skinfood masks as well, I hear they're pretty nice :) and I'm a total fan of the Nexcare patches :)

    I think if I haven't somehow won a Clarisonic through the many giveaways going on, I'm going to suck it up and buy one in January - but congrats again on your win!

  3. yes yes yes yes damn you! i want all of this lol! review your clarasonic!!

  4. Ack what a great wishlist! We will anxiously await your thoughts on the ever popular Mia! and D got me wondering about them Nexcare patches too! :)

  5. Great wishlist!! I want to try that MUFE foundie sooo bad! I've been looking at those MBD sheet masks too, so many of them sound good. Congrats on winning the Clarisonic, can't wait to hear what you think about it!

  6. OMG! U WON the Mia? I'm so jealous!!! Enjoy it sweets!

    Where are you buying your MBD masks? They are number one on my wishlist and I know there are so many places to order it from!


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