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FAILED FOTD & Random pictures

Good Morning!

This morning I decided that I was going to try & replicate an Adriana Lima tutorial I had seen last night.

Well I completely FAILED!! lol   I think I rushed through it too much & tried too make it too natural. I made it SO natural that it looks like I have zero eye makeup on!! haha!! I'll try again soon!!


So I can't believe I forgot to tell you ladies how much fun I had Thanksgiving weekend!! We spent pretty much every night with our friends..

Wed night we went to a bar & wore some turkey hats & danced to the cha-cha slide.

Then Friday & Saturday night we decided to get really wild & have some game nights!! Here's our game night group..

Yes, we all look quite pooped..this was the end of the night..haha!!
Look we even have a doggie come by for game night..he's such a cutie!!

Tonight the hubby & I are going to a concert, it's being held by a local radio station. Taylor Swift, Kris Allen, Jordin Sparks, Pitbull, & a ton of other artists will be there....I'm really looking forward to Taylor Swift & Pitbull.  AND I'm hoping that Taylor Lautner will stop by since he is dating Taylor Swift. I will scream like such a fan girl if he's

Let's all take a Taylor moment..

Ok, now that that's done...hehe!!

This Saturday a group of my friends (about 10 of us) will be dressing up in X-mas holiday costumes & joining several hundred Santas around the local bars. It's called the Santa Crawl!! woo hoo!!

Here's what I've put together..

I'm not exactly crazy about this outfit, but it lets me stay warm as we walk around outside. It's gonna be an amazing 25 degrees tomorrow so I have to warm!!!    =)

What do you guys have planned for this weekend?? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Hahaha how do you manage to make a turkey hat look so cute?

    I love game nights! We are having one next w/e with our new Wii. Cant wait!

  2. the turkey hat is cute!

    OMG Taylor Lautner is hot, tell us if you see him :D

  3. That FOTD is so not a fail! LOL! You look great! And lol at the Turkey Hats!! Slide it woman slide it!

    Ooh Taylor Swift! Lucky!! Ahh I'm such a fan girl over my new KDB obsession! LOL!

  4. You're so cute!!! Taylor...drool

    You still look great (natural and all!)

  5. sounds like loads of fun! stay warm and have lots of fun! soooo celosa of taylor swift!

  6. Those turkey hats are so cute! Taylor looks good on that cover but I always feel weird thinking he's hot cuz he's so young lol.


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