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Holidays are for GIVING!

Hi Ladies!!

With the holidays coming so soon I thought I'd share with you some great giving ideas I read about in Glamour magazine. This is from their article 31 Days of Giving.

#1 Help get PJs to kids in shelters so they won't have to sleep in their clothes by giving just $10 at

#2 Mentor a struggling student online at

#3 Donate books you've already read to your library.

#5 Fight malnutrition. A $1 gift to will provide much-needed vitamin supplements to children in places like Honduras & Haiti.

#6 Tend a garden. $5 to buys seeds for enough veggies to feed a struggling family of seven.

#7 Do some pro bono work. Whether you're in marking or IT, can match you with a nonprofit in your community that needs your skills.

#9 Click and give. At, every click you make prompts a sponsor to make a donation that will fight breast cancer, global warming and more.

#10 Use GoodSearch to find what you're looking for online, and every search will send money to a cause of your choice.

#14 Send a free holiday card to a soldier abroad via

#16 Keep someone's lights on. Even $5 at makes a difference to a family who needs help with bills due to illness, domestic violence or other tragedies.

#21 Feed four children in Tanzania a healthy breakfast for just $1 at a nonprofit run with the help of kids from the United States.

#22 Warm toes. $5 to buys seven pairs for a homeless person.

#23 Play trivia. At every answer - right or wrong- sends 10 pieces of dog food to an animal shelter.

#25 Stock a refrigerator. Just $1 to will provide nine pounds of groceries to a hungry family in the US. 

Giving is beautiful!! 


  1. i love this season. everyone seems to be in just a better mood. :) later in the year, my parents and i will go and visit a homeless shelter. :)

  2. Tammy you're such a sweetheart for sharing these links & ideas! And you're soo right! It's a time for giving back!

  3. This is such a GREAT post loca. I love it. And you bein' who u are, it doesn't surprise me to see u sharin' this knowledge.

    Happy holidays girl! :) I know you eatin' GOOOOOOD! HA!

  4. Awww!! Great post!!! Every little bit helps!

  5. You're so generous and kind, Tammy!I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :3
    & just found your blog! it's awesome!

  6. This is really great post! I love everything about giving to those in need and these are some really great ideas. <3


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