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Dress Rehearsal Ready | #getupanddance #letsdance

Today (Saturday) was a Good Day!!

Sorry for the title, I was listening to Tupac when I came up with it..LOL

Saturday was a good day though!! I spent the day shopping!! Here's a video of all of the things I bought:

Then the hubby & I drove to CT to see the lovely Kendall before she gets on that Midnight Train to Georgia. ;)

Here are some cam whoring pics I took on the drive there!! I used Young Punk again to get this look.

The hair accessory I'm wearing Niya made for me!! <3 br="">

Me bugging the hubby!!
Ms. Kendall & I. We took a few pictures that night, but this is the only one that was taken with my camera. Kendall's friends were so sweet!! We met a few other "2 year" club married couples too. LOL
Kendall I hope you have a great move to GA & I hope it's the fresh start you want!! *hugs*


  1. Hey I used buy shoes from Payless all the time! But lately they haven't had anything that catches my eye. Nice boots!! Whoa heels on them! Aw the flats are adorable! You know I love my flats! Lots of great shoes!

    And you always find the cutest tops! :)Love the 80's sweater!! ;)

    Look at you lookin all HAWT for Kendall's party! Young Punk is so good on you!! Aww you and the hubby! Congrats again on the 2yr Anni! :) You & Kendall looking sexxxxxaaay!!!!


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