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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Pimple Free is the Way to Be!!!

Sorry for the cheesy title!!!!! I wanted to talk to you ladies about a product that has truly changed my skin. I was inspired to try this product after I watched this review on it from Nat Neagle.

For those of you that don't already know my skin is acne prone, sensitive, and OILY!! Geez!! I have all the bad things rolled into one!! haha!! Well I truly think this product has changed the acne prone & oily part! yay!!

I bought the Eden Allure Grapefruit Soap with Argan Oil. I bought this product the day after I watched Nat's video, I figured what do I have to lose..?? The product is only $8 & by using the 15% off coupon code "NatNeagle" at check out it would only be $6.50.

Please note: This product is also said to improve & prevent wrinkles!! The Eden Allure website has a ton of useful information on the benefits of the Argan Oil. Click here for more information.

Product Review

Eden Allure Argan Oil Beauty Bar in Grapefruit

This is what the bar looks like after a few uses. I store the soap in this purple container.

My first impression of this bar was 'wow this smells great!!". To me this product smells like Fruity Pebbles & I love it! haha!! As soon as you touch this bar you know it's not a typical face soap bar, the bar feels really smooth & you can feel the argan oil on your fingertips. Of course this made me think that this would leave my skin with an oily residue on it, but I was wrong!! This just left my face with a nice clean feeling. I can say that I noticed a difference in my face from day 1!!

Day 1 - After one wash the redness and itchiness that my face was having was GONE!! Completely gone!!! One WASH!!! I literally stepped back from the mirror & was stunned! I've been using this product twice a day religiously since then.

Day 3 - I had another surprise - my pimples were gone. All of them!! Not one ugly bumpy in site!!

Day 7 - I had ANOTHER surprise - my face is no longer super oily!! Usually by noon I'm reaching for an oil blotting sheet & again at 5pm,, not anymore!! Now I use a sheet at 5pm, and in all honesty I don't really NEED it. Wow!!

I'm not saying this product is a miracle worker, but it's pretty close!! I do still have some acne scars, but I'm not complaining because they are really light!

This was my skin 4 weeks ago. I can't say this is my skin at it's worst, it was actually much worse the day I started using this product, but I don't have a picture of that.

Here is my skin this morning, just 5 minutes after waking up!! Makeup free! Another thing I've noticed about this product is that my under eye bags seem to be diminishing too, and trust me I am NOT getting any extra sleep. LOL

Buy your Beauty Bar with Argan Oil here - Please note the grapefruit bar is currently out of stock till Nov 10, but the lavender soap is available now & I have heard many great things about it. It's the same product as the grapefruit, just with natural lavender instead of grapefruit.

Has anyone else tried this product..?? Are you going to give it a try now...??
I know I plan on buying the Papaya mask & the pure Argan Oil asap. I can't wait to see what that will do for my skin!!


  1. a few new items i bought in my last trip to seoul had argan oil too
    now i am definetely digging them out to try!!!!

  2. this sounds fab tammy!!! thanks for sharing

  3. Tammy!! i am sold!! great review!! ur right, w/the price, u got nothing lose!

  4. Oh wow, that sounds really awesome..I have acne-prone skin too so it's always a bitch fighting hormones lol Thanks for the review, I might check this one out.

  5. You know how much I hate my oily skin!! Thank you for this info!! I have to try out some samples from another company now, but when that's done, this is def on my consideration list! :) And you always looked great to me no matter what!

  6. This defnitely sounds promising,I've been having so many problems with my skin lately. I really wanna try it! Thank you for the review!!

  7. wonderful review - I wonder if Whole Foods would carry something like this in their body/skincare aisle? either way, I've set a reminder on my calendar to order the grapefruit bar when it's back in stock, and lavender scents are not friends =P

  8. holy mother! i MUST get!! great review honey!

  9. Fantastic review! I'm in the market for a new face wash! I have to read up to see if this works with dry skin too.

  10. Wow! It sounds like a miracle worker! I want to try this now! >.< But I really would prefer it if it was in a liquid form rather than a bar form. =\


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